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How to Add Volume to Your Flat Hair

Let’s face it, the most common hassle in the beauty department for most people is, you guessed it, hair

May it be girls or guys, everybody needs THE perfect hair. But is it possible to experiment when you naturally have a lesser hair volume? 

Well, yes! It’s good news for flat-haired people that just by making a few lifestyle changes and picking the right products, you can effectively volumize your hair without risking damage. Find here below our key suggestions to help add volume to your flat hair.

Avoid Overwash

Did you know that the frequency in which you wash your hair can tell a lot about your hair’s health

Your scalp naturally produces oil to moisturize the skin and hair follicles so that your roots don’t face breakage. Frequent washing can remove/block the oil from staying on your scalp. This makes your hair very dry and you can tend to lose a lot of it. 

Pro-tip: Oiling the hair helps. Due to washing and exposure to sunlight, the scalp loses a lot of its moisture. Oiling hair regularly helps retain moisture on the surface and hydrate it.

Don’t Make it a Routine

Your scalp skin gets accustomed to everything you put it through. One tip that’ll help your hair grow stronger and thicker is to never let it get used to a lifestyle. Let me break this down for you. 

You should not wear a hairstyle for a long period of time. Keep changing the way you tie your hair. Pushed up or kept down – this will really make your roots flexible and hence make your hair thicker. 

Waves on the Head

If you’re a fan of mild wavy hair, this one is for you. 

You should wash your hair at night. The dampness makes your hair adaptive to a change. Twist tiny sections of your hair and twist them to turn them into tiny buns. Tie these with bobby pins or scrunchies. When you cover the entire mass of your hair, let it be your hairstyle for the night.

Unwrap your strands in the morning and gently brush them. Brushing your hair will increase the volume of your strands. Now you’re ready to rock the day with your all-natural waves!

Hands are Relaxing to the Scalp

Sometimes, the tool you use to untangle your hair can also cause tension in your roots. The bristles of your hairbrush can be harsh on the scalp. For that reason, it is suggested to use your hands as much as you can to de-tangle your hair. This is pretty relaxing for the scalp and you’ll see an effective decrease in your hair loss as well. 

Baking Soda on Hair

This may sound like a home remedy to treat damaged hair, and it is, but you’d be surprised that this method has been used for years. 

All you need is one part of baking soda in 3 parts of water. Use this mixture to wash your hair once a week. You’re definitely going to feel a difference after two weeks. Your flat hair will become much more bouncy. The frizziness will settle down. And any damage will subside, resulting in healthier hair.

Try one or try all, we’re sure these hacks for volume in hair will not disappoint!


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