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How to Blow Dry Your Own Hair and Look Like a Goddess

There is no better mood-lifter than finding yourself with glorious locks! There is something about good hair that makes you feel confident and no less than a queen. Those bouncy, silky locks have a way of making even the worst of days feel better. However, going to the salon every time for a simple blow dry can be frustrating, time consuming, and also heavy on the pocket.

While blow drying at home seems like a simple task, unfortunately, the attempt oftentimes goes wrong. That is, our hair ends up looking worst than what we started with.

Blow drying hair to perfection requires a mix of techniques alongside the use of the right products. Nothing that a young, smart woman like yourself cannot achieve! Here are some tips to help you blow-dry your hair at home.

Choosing the Right Tools


A hairdryer that has multiple heat settings makes all the difference. A good hairdryer can also minimize heat damage. It has a longer life span than a cheap hairdryer which may stop working after mere months.

An 1800-watt hairdryer is preferable. Different heat settings need to be used on different textures of hair. You also need to keep in mind the type of final look that you are aiming for.

Hair Brush

A good quality brush is really important as it removes tangles easily without much breaking down of the hair.

Heat Protectant

Using a heat protectant should never be overlooked. This might feel like an extra step, but heat damage is real. While heat protectant may not completely erase the damage caused by blowdrying your hair, It does minimize the effects to a great extent.

The Technique Matters

Damp Hair

Make sure to blow dry damp (not wet) hair. For that, towel-dry your hair until it’s devoid of water. Sometimes towels can be a bit harsh on your hair, causing frizziness and weak hair that is prone to breakage. In such cases, microfiber towels are saviours.

Work in Sections

Sectioning your hair into small parts allows every part of your hair to receive heat and dry precisely. Even though sectioning may seem like a chore at times, the results of sectioning are always spectacular.

Do Not Neglect Roots

While blowdrying, concentrate more on the roots. Oftentimes we neglect to blowdry the roots, hence failing to achieve satisfactory results. Make sure the roots are completely dry. This provides the roots with volume and ensures that the blowdry last longer.

Dry your hair from front to back. While many people dry their hair back to the front, the best results are achieved when hair is dried the opposite way. Implementing this technique gives the hair volume and shine.

Make sure the front of your hair is blowdried with extra attention. That’s where the hair has most flyaways and baby hairs. Apart from that, the front of your hair is the first thing that comes to notice.

Have Fun!

Hair is every girl’s most prized possession, and we love flaunting it. Blowdrying is one way to get luscious locks that are always in trend and have the power to elevate any look!


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