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How to Remove Acrylic Nails The Safe and Effective Way

Acrylic nails look very pretty. However, we also know that all things beautiful come with a price. 

The major struggle for any acrylic nail fanatic is the thought of ruining their nails. May it be the application or removal, a manicurist will discourage you from doing anything at home without supervision. But, is going to the nail salon always a practical option? 

There’s no guarantee that you’ll always be able to find a nail salon around you, or that a manicurist will always perform the task perfectly. So you should be prepped for any given situation. For that, understanding the task is important.

All that being said, before you start with your self-encouraged nail removal action, you should be aware that this is going to take time. If it’s your first time, we suggest you go slow so that you don’t mess up the end result. You need is to be patient and trust the process if you don’t want to sacrifice the health of your nails. 

So, turn on Netflix, and begin with the following.

The Prep

Before starting, pick a comfy spot for your mini salon setup, and gather all these tools to really get into it.

  • Nail clippers
  • A nail file with 2 grits 
  • Nail buffer
  • Acetone 
  • Cotton 
  • Nail polish remover clips
  • Small bowl

1. Chop Off & Smoothen Nails

If you’re sitting to remove your acrylic nails, I hope you’re aware of the length that you’re going to lose (a good length of your nails). Use nail clippers to cut down the extension. Leave some centimetres of space to secure your nail bed. 

The next step is filing your nails. You need to clean all the bulk of the nails that you just removed. It is suggested to use 80 to 100 frit size to file off nails. The more you file off the chemical from your nail body, the less time it’ll take in the coming step: acetone! But don’t be too harsh with filing that you damage your original nails.

2. Enter the Guru: Acetone

You should be aware that any other nail paint removing agents will not be effective to remove your acrylics, except acetone. Stop thinking too much about the cons, there’s no alternative way. So grab a cotton ball and soak it with acetone. Then place it over your nail bed and wrap it with a foil. Keep it that way for the next 10 minutes. 

3. Push the Remnants Off

Somewhere near the end of this time bracket, you’ll feel your fake nails melting inside the foil. Remove it to see your nails in the worst possible state, but don’t be scared. Take a cuticle pusher to gently slide down your fake nails. This step should be easy, but if it doesn’t seem so, that means you need to repeat the previous step.

4. File, Buff, Hydrate – Repeat

You’ve successfully removed your fake nails all by yourself – great job!

Now, as after-care, buff to and fro the length of your nails to make sure there’s no residue left on them. After that, wash your hands properly. Then, file and shape the tips as you like. 

After you’ve finished the process, your nails may seem dry due to the acetone. Apply cuticle oil on the sides of your nails to moisturize them.

Congratulations, you are now qualified as a DIY acrylic remover. *wink wink*


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