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These TikTok Hair Trends are To Die For!

TikTok’s popularity is undeniable. From the most basic life tricks to 60 second, detailed demonstrations of what seemed a hard nut to crack, we have to agree that TikTok has made our lives a lot easier.

In this blog, we’ve compiled for you the most popular hair trends of this year that will blow your mind because of how easy they are. These trends will surely make you ask yourself, “have I been living under a rock?”

Bubble Ponies

This first look is one of the most worn hairstyles TikTok has brought to life. It’s a 30 seconds hairstyle and looks cute with all lengths.

All you need to do is decide whether you want to go for double ponies or a single. Tie the section into a high ponytail. Now, section and tie your pony after equal intervals through the entire length. For the front, you can either leave a strand untied, or go for a sleek look.

Heatless curls

Have you imagined curls being possible without the use of curlers? No, right? Tiktok proves you wrong.

For your ultimate, easy-to-achieve, heatless curl look, all you need is a robe band that you can also DIY using socks. Wash your hair and tie them with the robe into a fishtail and sleep on it. You’d be surprised to untangle beautiful curls the next day.

Fluffy bombshell blowouts

This one will remind you of the 90’s signature hair. It suits all hair types and cuts, and the result is so good that you’d wish it stays that way forever.

After washing, straighten your hair and turn it inside out to pin it. Let them stay that way for a few hours before removing the pins. This blowout will make your hair look fluffier and frame your face perfectly.

Curtain bangs

Want a chic front look while still having your length? You got it. 

Curtain bangs became a staple around the internet and thousands of girls successfully achieved that look, so why not you?

Take the front section of your hair, part it from the centre, and diagonally cut your hair outward to your face. On straightening the front bangs, you’ll notice how it’ll automatically mingle with your face.

Spiky off-duty knots

You might’ve seen many celebrities wear this hairstyle for their laid-back, casual looks. But if you realize how easy it is, you’ll be effortlessly mimicking them too!

Separate the front section of your hair, and use your bristle brush to take hold of the rest of your hair. Put it into a pony while you set the front using a gel or hair wax. Now, without removing your hair tie, give your hair quick turns and tie it upside down into a knot or a bun so the end spikes appear on the top. The front section can be tightened and pinned later upon the preference of the partition.

The front of this hairstyle looks so sleek and it pairs well with any outfit.

Are you ready to rock these new hairstyles?


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