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6 Best Magnetic Eye Lashes for Women

“Ouch!”… This is exactly what you utter when you remove the traditional glue strip lash at the end of the day. After all, if you’re not a pro at false lashes, they can go wrong very quickly. But, ladies, take a deep breath now and be grateful for some exciting new arrivals in the beauty industry. There is no need to get sticky with the glue anymore. Just apply magnetic eyeliner to your eyes and enjoy high-length false lashes attached by magnets. Have a look on the best magnetic lashes available worldwide and follow the latest beauty trends into the future.

Top 6 Magnetic Lashes For Women 2022!

1. Glamnetic Virgo Magnetic Lashes

  • Useful for: Monolid and round eyes
  • Significant feature: they are easy to carry in daily life, naturally

 These lengthy and voluminous magnetic falsies are admirable for their light weight and long-lasting effect. They stick to your lids all day without moving from their position. Magnetic liner removes the need of ordinary eyeliner and also attaches the Virgo star effortlessly instead of being sticky.

2. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit

  • Useful for: Small eyes and spec wearers
  • Significant Feature: easy to apply without messing up the strands

If you are one who struggles with strip lashes, then Kiss Magnetic can do wonders for you. You can look splendid in your sharp cat-eyes and lifted lashes. Many Glasses -wearers have shared their admiration for this brand. These false lashes are also affordable which gives them a leg up in our discussion.

3. One Two Cosmetics Natural Half Lash

  • Useful for: Eyes susceptible to infections
  • Significant Feature: noticeable length of the lashes gives you a charming style

Safety should be the top priority in every person’s life. And many people avoid falsies because the liner (whether a strip liner or a magnetic liner) irritates their sensitive eyes. If that’s you, consider wearing cosmetic half lash for a false but sophisticated enough lash. It is very beneficial for those people who are allergic to liners. There is no need to apply liner at all, just place the false lashes on your original lashes and press the magnet gently. Don’t worry, they are easily removed without damaging your natural lash.

4. Eylure Pro Magnetic Faux Mink Accent Lash System

  • Useful for: All eye shapes and lash lengths
  • Significant Feature: Natural lift and thick lashes

Eylure Pro Magnetic lash is great for everyday use. Many users are satisfied by its long lasting effect from day to night. Blink your eyes and leave your admirers stunned by your falsies which give a natural thickness and volume to your eyes magically.

5. Lilly Lashes Magnetic Lash in Mykonos

  • Useful for: Almond or small eyes
  • Significant Features: 12 magnets on each strip of lashes

These Lilly Lashes are here to enhance your party look with great fluffy falsies. You can reuse them over 50 times, and they claim to be as fresh as your first purchase. But the condition is that you have to keep them safe for longer usage.

6. Sassy Moxie Lash Kit

  • Useful for: Hooded and deep-set eyes
  • Significant Feature: Easy to fix on your eyes even by beginners.

If you are newly exposed to the world of false eyelashes and unaware of the fact that the world has evolved from traditional glue lashes to magnetic liner lashes, go for sassy yet classy moxie lash kit which provides you with flirty and softy lash spontaneously.

Be a game-changer from the start, baby!


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