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Rosemary Oil for Scalp Health and Hair Growth: Everything You Have To Know

Rosemary oil is a popular essential oil renowned for its numerous health benefits, including stimulating hair growth and enhancing scalp health. However, it’s not as easy as simple as applying a bunch of Rosemary oil on your scalp. It’s important to actually understand this oil and know how to use it. So let’s go over the most important things you should know before using rosemary oil for scalp health. 

What exactly is Rosemary Oil?

Rosemary oil is made from the leaves of the rosemary plant. This is a woody perennial herb with needle-like leaves and blue blooms. It has a strong, refreshing herbal aroma and has been used in traditional medicine for ages for multiple beneficial effects on health. This oil also includes a number of therapeutic chemicals, including cineole, camphor, and rosmarinic acid, all of which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

Rosemary Oil & Scalp Health

Rosemary oil has been shown to promote scalp health by increasing blood circulation and reducing irritation. A healthy scalp is necessary for good hair growth. And rosemary oil is effective in unclogging hair follicles and increasing the nutrition supply to the hair roots. Remember, the better the soil, the healthier the plants will grow. 

Rosemary oil also contains antibacterial qualities that can help combat dandruff and other fungal or bacterial diseases on the scalp. A 2015 study discovered that rosemary oil was beneficial in treating and preventing dandruff, making it an excellent addition to your hair care routine if you suffer from this problem.

Rosemary Oil & Hair Growth

In addition to improving scalp health, rosemary oil has been demonstrated to increase hair growth. In one 2015 trial, rosemary oil was found to be just as effective as the hair growth medicine minoxidil in encouraging hair growth in adults with androgenetic alopecia, a common type of hair loss.

Rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles and increases blood circulation to the scalp. This can help in the absorption of important nutrients to the hair roots. It also shows anti-inflammatory qualities that can aid in the reduction of inflammation and the promotion of healthy hair growth.

How to Use Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil can be used in a variety of ways to promote scalp health and hair growth. How you will use it will depend on what it is that you are looking for, your lifestyle, and your current haircare routine. Here are some of the most popular methods:

Massage into the scalp: Dilute a few drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil. Then massage into the scalp for a few minutes before washing your hair. This can help to improve blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth.

Add to your shampoo or conditioner: Add a few drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo or conditioner and mix well. This can help to promote scalp health and improve the overall condition of your hair.

Use as a hair mask: Mix a few drops of rosemary oil with a carrier oil such as olive or almond oil. Apply to your hair from root to tip. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour before washing out with shampoo. This can help to nourish and strengthen your hair, promoting healthy growth.


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