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“Doe Eyes” Is The Sweetest Makeup Trend Of The Season

On TikTok, a contentious discussion similar to the side part vs. middle part dispute is currently taking place. This time, it concerns the two eye makeup trends that have been sweeping the app. Yes, it’s a conflict between “doe eyes” and “siren eyes.”

Siren eyes are all about looking like a seductive villain, while doe eyes are supposed to make you look gentle, soft, and approachable. These two looks are pretty similar to recreate, however, they give of completely opposite vibes. As the siren look has been around for longer, you are probably already familiar with it. However, even though the “Doe Eyes” trend is pretty new, it took the internet by storm.

How to create “Doe Eyes”

This makeup look is all about keeping things looking simple and minimal. The goal is to create a more rounded eyeshadow look that gives the appearance of bigger eyes with a natural finish. It shouldn’t appear as like you are wearing a lot of eye makeup. 

Your eyes should look as big and as round as possible. To achieve that look, you have to skip winged eyeliner, or corner fake lashes. Apply a neutral brown shade on your upper eyelid to make your eyes appear more round. Don’t blend the shadow out too far. Remember, the goal is for your eyes to look as round as possible. Apply a layer of black eyeliner on your upper lashline, without winging it out at all, and lastly, apply some highlighter on your inner corners. 

If you want to apply fake lashes, make sure that they are full and even. Don’t skip your lower lashes as well, as applying a layer of mascara on your lower lashes will give you the appearance of rounder eyes as well. You can even apply individual fake lashes to give you more of that 60s look. 

Siren VS Doe

The two main distinctions between the two looks are based on liner and lashes. In the doe eye look, it’s important to skip the winged eyeliner, because it reduces the doe eye’s openness. Instead, add a full lash and keep the liner the same thickness all across your lid. This will make your eyes appear wide, round, and open. 

The choice between a doe eye and a siren eye boils down to personal preference. both of these looks will suit most eye shapes, and you can change them up slightly to make them fit your aesthetic more. What you should pick depends on what look you are going for. Siren eyes are a great option dates or night outs, while Doe eyes look great on an everyday basis.


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