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What are ‘Euphoria Nails’? All About the New Trending Nail Sensation

We already know that everyone is obsessed with Euphoria makeup, but can we take a moment to appreciate the stunning Euphoria nails? From Cassie’s diamond pink claws to Maddy’s mermaid net nails, all of these amazing styles were created by Natalie Minerva, one of Hollywood’s most iconic nail artists. Even though nails seem like such a small detail in the show, none of these styles went unnoticed. And for good reason!

What makes ‘Euphoria nails’ so special?

It’s not that the nail designs in the show are SO in your face that you can’t help but notice them. Instead, the styles are unique, interesting, and different from the regular French tips you get at your nail salon. While you might like to keep it classy when it comes to makeup and hair, nails are that one beauty thing that you can go crazy on without any guilt. Because at the end of the day, you are going to get a completely new set in just two to three weeks, right?

Nails are a great way to express yourself. Yes, I know, that sounds cheesy. However, I still like to get a dedicated Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter nail set each year. It’s just such a small yet thoughtful detail to complete your holiday look. So why not share your love for different shows, albums, or movies on your nails too? You don’t have to do something completely out there; there are even office-friendly ways to add a little bit of spice to your manicures.

What to ask for at the nail salon?

So, what exactly to ask for if you want to make your nails a bit more “Euphoric”? Well, the possibilities are pretty much endless. If you still want to keep it chic, you can go for Cassie’s girly diamond nails. A thin layer of a pale pink color embezzled with diamond-like jewels on top. This was the nail look Cassie wore when she first hooked up with Nate, so it’s pretty iconic as well. However, if you feel comfortable with a more in-your-face look, why not try something bolder?

Our other recommendations include Maddy’s “psychedelic purple sheers.” Just ask for a light lavender base with white circular design accents. The accents are sheer and uneven, which makes them appear a bit cloud-like. This set would also be an amazing choice for summer. If you want something edgier, Maddy’s “Mugler-inspired” nail set may be the choice for you. These feature a black base with a light gray hourglass-shaped middle. They would look great with a black slip dress and some heels.

Where to find more ideas?

If you still want more options, make sure to check out the TikTok page of Natalie Minerva. She shared each one of the ‘Euphoria’ nail designs with her followers, and she even uploaded some fairly simple nail tutorials that you can recreate yourself. Natalie also has a Pinterest page, where she shares ideas, designs, and nail tips as well.


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