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Glitter is In! Here are the Most Popular Glitter Makeup Trends for You to Try in 2022

Even if all that glitters is not gold, all that glitters sure is glamorous.

Whether it’s a subtle, meeting-your-boyfriend’s-family-for-the first-time look or a full glammed-up, girl’s night out – a little glitter hurts nobody. Here are some ways you can incorporate our, oh-so-favorite makeup product i.e. glitter in your looks this year.

The old school way: Glitter on the eye

A classic smoky eye with dazzling glitter never goes out of fashion. We love it, it looks great and gives your eyes the oomph they need. The best part- you can add probably any colored glitter on top of a smoky eye and it will elevate your look dramatically.

Pair it with nude lips if you want to go towards the subtle side or go all out with bold glittery lips, and you’ll be ready to rock the stage.

Glitter and eyeliner

Not big on spending hours doing your eye shadow but still want that effect on your eyes? Here’s a great solution. Draw your regular eyeliner and add glitter eyeliner above it. It looks bold, classy, and sexy. If you are feeling bold, go for a wild graphic eyeliner and outline it with glitter. It looks more elaborate than the effort required.

The best part- you can match the color of your eyeliner with the rest of your attire or go for a neutral gold or silver. There is no right or wrong when there is glitter involved.

Neon Pop

Neon looks as magnificent on the eyes as it looks on clothes. For a vibrant look that makes eyes turn, a colored bold eyeliner and glittery accents on the crease look absolutely beautiful. Green eyeliner with neon yellow and green glitter on the crease never fails to amaze us.

Glitter, glitter everywhere

Who says glitter is meant only for the eyes? A sparkly golden glitter highlighter looks absolutely breathtaking on the cheekbones. Bring life to the metaphor ‘sunshine’ by trying a glitter highlighter on the cheek. Pair it with nude lips and bronze eyes and rock the day.

Graphically glittery

What’s better than a bold graphic eyeliner- GLITTER GRAPHIC EYELINER.  

Draw on black graphic eyeliner and pack it up with the glitter of your choice. You can add gemstones or rhinestone or halo or iridescent. You can never go wrong with this. Bold and gorgeous.

Glitter kisses

Glitter on the lips is one of the most classic makeup looks on the runway- a look we love and want everyone to try this year because it is just that cool! Glittery lipsticks are easy to use and prevent the whole hassle of loose glitter falling everywhere, so if you don’t like glitter all over your vanity, this is what you can try.

Glitter on the edges

Why limit gemstones and rhinestones only to your jewelry? Spice up your basic looks with glittery studs on the eyes. Start with matte or shimmery eye shadow which matches the color of your lipstick in the inner and outer corners of your eye. Add small glittery gemstones in the inner and outer corners over the top of the eye shadow. Voila!


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