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Why Having a Sustainable Makeup Routine Is the Newest Beauty Trend

Makeup consumerism is at its peak once again. And it seems like not even the recession is stopping us from buying every beauty product that is trending on TikTok. Most of us weren’t that focused on makeup during the pandemic years, however, now that we don’t have to wear facemasks whenever we go out, many of us enjoy wearing a full face of glam on a daily basis. I won’t lie, that’s something I am guilty of as well. However, have you ever thought about the fact that our over-consumerism is hurting the environment? So let’s see what you can do to have a sustainable makeup routine.

Use up what you have

I know that it can be so tempting to constantly try out new makeup products. But why not take a moment to truly look at your collection and embrace what you already have? Just like with any other beauty product, makeup has a fairly short expiration period. If you don’t want to constantly throw away perfectly fine makeup that expired because you didn’t have enough time to use it, you will have to focus on finishing up the products that you already own. This will not only help you reduce waste, but also help you save a lot of money in the long run!

Buy less

This ties back to the previous point. Do you really need five different liquid blushes? I know that they’re incredibly pigmented and come in the cutest packaging — but there is just no need for one regular person to own so many of them. The next time you see a product trending on social media and you feel tempted to buy it, give yourself at least two or three weeks to truly think about it. It’s not even about the cost of the product, but because you’ll be hoarding unnecessary makeup items that you’ll grow of after only a couple of uses. Take advantage of samples and make sure that a product is really a good fit for you before you invest your money into it.

Buy more ethically 

Now that we have made it clear that you should avoid buying unnecessary makeup products whenever possible, let’s discuss what you should do when you’re in need of new makeup. First of all, remember that you as a consumer have the option to choose brands that align with your moral values. For example, I always make sure that the products I buy are vegan and cruelty-free. But besides that, you can also do some research to find out which brands invest in more sustainable packaging and try to control their carbon footprint

Finally, even though having a sustainable makeup routine is important, you still shouldn’t sacrifice your love for beauty and makeup. We gave you some general guidelines on ways to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you fully have to give up on your occasional Sephora treats. But just remember to be more conscious the next time you decide to buy a product just because it went viral on social media.


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