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Tired Of Red Nails? Here Are Five Unique Winter Manicure Ideas

A new season is approaching, and with it comes the need for new winter manicure ideas. I don’t know about you, but for the last couple of years, I felt most comfortable sticking with red nails. It’s easy, classy, and totally Christmasy. However, it also gets very boring very quickly. 

I’m not someone who likes to go all out when it comes to nail art. I just wouldn’t be able to look at a crazy set of nails for two to three weeks and not feel the need to go back to basics. However, having a little glam manicure moment is something I enjoy. So here are five simple, but effective manicure ideas that I am super excited to wear during this winter season.

Chocolate Glazed Donut 

Remember Hailey Bieber’s white glazed donut nails that everyone and their mother wore during the summer? Well, this is a variation of that manicure, but more appropriate for the colder months. Instead of a white base coat, opt for a chocolate brow with a similar chrome finish. This color combo pairs especially well with longer, almond-shaped nails.

Ombre glitter 

Who doesn’t love a good glitter manicure for the holiday season? I know I do, especially around New Year’s Eve. But if you want to make your glitter manicure a bit more fun, go for an ombre effect. Start with darker glitter colors on the base of your nail, and work it up to lighter glitter shades on the top. Ombre glitter nails look especially cute on shorter, square-shaped nails.


Champagne sparkle

Nothing is as classy as a good nude set of nails. However, if you want to make your neutral nails a bit more festive, then choose a champagne color with a shimmering finish. This color goes well with all different nail shapes and sizes, and it’s also appropriate for all occasions. You won’t have to worry about your nails matching your outfit, but the shimmering finish will still add that little festive touch to your manicure. 

Icy tips 

Are you usually a french-manicure type of girl? But you want to make your winter manicures more fun? Then why not switch up those classic white nail tips for glitter ones? The goal isn’t to create a straight line like with the classic french mani. Instead, it should look like snowflakes are falling from the tips of your nails. This look is soft, feminine, and pretty. It will look especially good on longer, square-shaped nails.

Black glossy nails

Remember that emo phase most of us had in the early 2000s? Everyone was wearing chapped black nail polish. After that phase ended, I stayed away from black nails for years. And boy, have I played myself! A clean black manicure with a glossy topcoat is the winter nail upgrade that we all require. Short, oval, and shiny black nails will go with all of your winter outfits, and they will also make you reminiscent of your teenage years. But in the best way possible.


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