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How To Master The Art Of Velcro Rollers To Get That ‘90s Blowout

Growing up with the flattest hair possible while watching ’90s sitcoms where everyone has the biggest, fluffiest hair still haunts me. So it’s no wonder that I still look for ways to get some extra volume. I have tried it all: root sprays, mousse, volume mists, dry shampoo… While these things would give me some slight lift at my roots, I just couldn’t get the bounce and body that I wanted so badly. Well, that was until I tried out Velcro rollers. When I tell you that they completely changed my hair, know that I am not being dramatic at all! I don’t know what it is about the Velcro material, but no type of roller worked that well for my fine and straight hair. But as amazing as Velcro rollers are, I almost gave up on them in the beginning. They do require practice, but I have some tips that could make the process so much easier for you.

Choose the right size

Before you start anything, you have to choose the right size for your Velcro rollers. They shouldn’t be too big, because they won’t give you any body. But they also shouldn’t be too small, because they won’t give you much volume. I like to combine two sizes. I use the smaller rollers on the lower sections of my hair, while I use bigger rollers on my mohawk section to give me some extra volume. For medium to long hair, 1.5-inch to 1.75-inch rollers should be ideal.

You need heat

You will need heat to achieve that voluminous blowout look. But you don’t need extreme heat. All I use is a blowout brush on the lowest heat setting. Before I start going in with the blow dry brush, I make sure that I rough-dry my hair with a traditional blow dryer. After that, I go section by section and make sure that each strand of hair is warm before I start to roll it up in the Velcro roller.

Hair oil will be your best friend

If you’ve ever tried out Velcro rollers, you know how painful it is if they get stuck in your hair. You will have to pull the roller out, which could lead to traction alopecia. But there is a way to make it much easier! Before I start putting the rollers in, I always make sure that I have some type of hair oil in my mids and ends. This will make the Velcro roll over the hair smoothly, and it will also protect your hair from heat.

Skip hair spray

I never enjoyed using hair spray. I despise the smell, feel, and crunchiness of it. That’s another reason why no hairstyle ever lasted on my hair type. But a hairstylist recommended I try out a texture spray instead, and I never looked back! I always make sure I spray texture spray all over my head before I start taking the Velcro rollers out. A texturing spray will give you a light and flexible hold, while also giving you some body.


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