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How To Use A Nettle Tea Rinse To Fight Hair Loss

Hair loss is scary. You don’t know how long it will last and how much hair you are going to lose. Most severe cases need the help of a dermatologist or other medical professionals. But for some mild cases, there are also home remedies that are proven to work. With fall approaching, a lot of us will be experiencing seasonal hair loss. While this particular type of hair shedding can’t be prevented, there are still ways to minimize it. 

One cost-effective, simple, and widely available way to minimize seasonal hair loss is by using a nettle tea rinse. Nettle is a great antioxidant; it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been used in the hair-care industry for decades. When applied topically, it can strengthen the hair, stimulate hair growth, and reduce scalp inflammation, which can reduce shedding. Nettle tea is also antimicrobial, which can help with dandruff too. So if you want to learn how to use nettle tea in your hair care routine, keep on reading. 

Who should and who shouldn’t use a nettle tea rinse?

Anyone trying to relieve scalp irritability or who is dealing with hair loss/thinning can use it. Those who have damaged or dry hair may not want to apply nettle topically because it might be drying. But people with oily scalps could greatly benefit from it. Platinum blondes may notice a change in their hair color when using it. So if you have super light hair, bleached and dry hair, this probably isn’t the best solution for you. 

How often should I use it? 

A nettle tea rinse can be used once to twice per week. You shouldn’t overuse it, as it could potentially dry out your hair. Start with once a week and see how well you tolerate it. If you don’t notice any dryness or other weird symptoms, you can start using it twice a week. Nettle tea has the ability to increase blood circulation, even when applied topically. So if you suffer from any cardiovascular conditions, make sure you ask your doctor before you start using it.

How do I make a nettle tea rinse? 

Prepare a cup of boiling water, add a handful of fresh, young nettle leaves or 1-2 teaspoons of dried nettle leaves, and let the mixture steep for about 10 minutes. Let it cool off to a temperature you are okay with before using it as a rinse. When using it as a rinse, the best method would be to apply it to your hair over a large bowl. The bowl will collect the nettle tea, and you can rinse it over your scalp a few more times to make sure that all of your hair is coated. Massage the tea into your scalp for a few minutes and let your hair and scalp soak up all of the great things that can be found in nettle tea. These include vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and calcium. After a few minutes, rinse it all off with water.


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