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How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

Spring has sprung. Well, almost. With the warmer weather approaching, a lot of us are wondering about ways to transition our wardrobes from winter to spring. We know how cold the first days of spring are, so it’s no surprise that we will still get a lot of use from our winter staples. If you are feeling uninspired, and you aren’t too sure about what looks you want to wear throughout the spring, then we have some suggestions. Here are 5 easy but effective ways to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Layer Wisely 

A lot of us just can’t wait to start wearing our spring dresses. However, chances are that it is still way too cold to wear them on their own. Therefore, our suggestion would be to layer your warm winter sweaters with spring dresses and skirts.

Finish the look with a statement belt and some fun accessories. To add more of a spring vibe, use bright colors such as pink or blue. It will be a great way to break out of your winter outfits, while still being warm and comfortable. 

Mix & Match The Seasons

This is the perfect time to channel your inner Emily In Paris. Why? Because there aren’t many days throughout the year when it’s completely acceptable to wear a beret and a floral dress. 

To complete your look, add a pair of boots, gloves, and a thick coat. You will look sophisticated, and stylish, but your outfit will still appear playful and trendy. The winter accessories will keep you warm, while the spring clothes will uplift your look. 

Lighter Colors

Now that winter is almost over, it’s time to bring out your lighter-colored clothes. Spring is the time of pastel colors, and you can mix and match them however you choose. Opt for thicker materials such as knitted sweaters and dresses to keep you warm, but layer them with something lighter such as a trench coat.

Keep The Boots 

Because the weather is still a bit unstable, don’t switch out your boots for flats and sneakers just yet. You never know when rain is going to come, and you probably don’t want your legs to get wet.

Boots are also amazing to combine with dresses and skirts because they will keep you warm while still giving you a feminine look. Instead of heavy and black combat boots, opt for something more sophisticated. Maybe a pair of heeled ankle boots, or velvet knee-high boots.

Warm Jackets In Spring Colors

Maybe it’s still cold where you live, and wearing lighter clothing isn’t even an option for you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the fact that spring is finally here. 

To get out of that endless cycle of a winter rut, and give your outfits a romantic touch, opt for winter coats in soft and feminine colors, such as blush pink, lavender, baby blue, or champagne. Colorful jackets are a perfect way to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.  


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