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Skincare Resolutions To Make For The New Year 

Time flies by, and as hard as it is to believe it, 2023 is just around the corner! It seems like the last three years flew by, especially considering the state that the world found itself in. Times are crazy, and it’s so easy to forget how important it is to appreciate and enjoy the time that we spend on this crazy planet. 

We know that there are plenty of more important things than skincare and beauty. However, if you are like me, then these little things are just ways to cope with everyday stress. It’s a great way to shift your focus and spend a few moments caring for yourself. So if you are a beauty/skincare lover like I am, let’s go over the skincare resolutions that all of us should implement in 2023. 

Less is more

Do you have a 15-step skincare routine? In this economy? All jokes aside, there isn’t that much need to have 6 serums and 3 eye creams in your regular skincare routine. Less really is more. Especially when it comes to skincare. Our skin goes through so much already, so it’s good to give it a break from time to time. We know that it’s tempting to put on 10 different products on your skin, considering we all want our skin to look the best that it can, but at one point there is just no way for your 6th layer of skincare to penetrate deep enough to make a difference.

Work on your skin barrier 

A lot of us wrecked our skin barrier back in 2020 when harsh exfoliating products were all the rage. But 2023 will be all about repairing that skincare barrier. You have to understand that the base of healthy skin is a healthy skin barrier. So choose products that strengthen it. Look out for ingredients such as ceramides, free fatty acids, niacinamide, or natural moisturizing factors. Limit your exfoliating products to only 2 times a week, or opt for gentle AHAs, like mandelic acid.

Always double cleanse 

If you are not double cleansing by now, then what are you doing? A water-based cleanser alone won’t be enough to take off all of the products, sweat, and dirt that marinate on our faces throughout the day. So incorporate either an oil cleanser or micellar water as your first cleanser. No, makeup wipes are not an option. Remember that only when your skin is completely clean, your other products can penetrate deep enough to work their magic. 

Never skip sunscreen 

You are probably already wearing sunscreen, however, if you are anything like me then there are probably still moments when you forget about it. Maybe you don’t wear it at home, and once you decide to step outside you forget to apply it. Or maybe you do apply it in the morning, but you forget to reapply it throughout the day. Whatever it is, let’s make 2023 the year when we step up our sunscreen game.


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