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The Secret to Perfect Skin: How to Incorporate Korean Beauty Secrets into Your Skincare Routine

It’s no secret that Korean skincare products are superior. At least in my opinion. They are lightweight, but still unbelievably hydrating and nourishing. From serums and essences to sunscreens and face masks — there are so many products to choose from. And on top of all that, most Korean brands are also relatively affordable. However, if you really want to take things up a notch, it’s time to incorporate these Korean beauty secrets into your skincare routine. 

Light layers of hydration 

You’ve probably already heard about the 7 skin method. It’s a Korean skincare treatment that is well-liked by skincare enthusiasts worldwide. And while the name does sound a bit weird, the technique behind it is actually very simple. It just includes applying seven light and hydrating skincare layers to your face. I know, it does sound a bit overwhelming. However, no one says that you have to apply seven different products. Instead, you can apply seven layers of your favorite hydrating essence or toner. This will plump up your skin and help you fight off any dehydration lines, making it one of the top Korean beauty secrets.

Sheet masks

What’s a better symbol of Korean skincare than sheet masks? There’s a reason why every Korean brand carries so many different types of them. The secret behind these masks is that the “sheet” you put on your face actually allows the active ingredients to penetrate your skin more effectively. That means that your skin will be left feeling much more hydrated than it would have been if you just applied a regular serum. Using sheet masks every day, or even multiple times a day can become incredibly wasteful. That’s why I would suggest using them only as an occasional skincare treat, or opting for reusable ones. This won’t only save the environment, but also your wallet.

Facial tools 

Nothing beats a good facial massage with the help of a gua sha or a jade roller. This won’t only activate your lymphatic drainage and depuff your face, but it can also be a great self-care ritual to do while you’re enjoying your morning coffee or evening tea. However, make sure that you never do these types of massages on a dry face. Always apply a facial oil or thicker serum beforehand. This will allow the tool to glide over your face more smoothly, and it will also give you some added hydration. After you’re done with the tool, don’t forget to clean it.

Pimple patches

Did you know that pimple patches are a huge trend in Korea? We’ve been seeing them more and more in Western countries as well, however, it was the Asian skincare community that has truly started this trend. Pimple patches are a convenient, easy, and effective solution for any stubborn spots that may appear on your face. Simply apply them as the last step in your skincare routine, and leave them on during the night to work their magic. They’ll help your breakouts heal faster, and they are also a great tool for preventing you from picking at your pimples making them another great Korean beauty secret.


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