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Fashion for Different Body Types: The Easiest Way to Dress for Your Shape

Finding clothes that fit right can be so difficult! Especially with today’s fashion industry. However, no matter how trendy baggy balloon pants and cropped tops are, they simply won’t look good on most women. To find something that works for you, something you feel confident and comfortable in, you have to know what your body type is. But first of all, let me clear the air — your body shape has nothing to do with your weight. It’s just the natural proportion of our bodies. Some individuals have wider hips, while others have broader shoulders. There are no wrong or right body types, there are just wrong ways to dress for your different body types.


Are you one of those lucky women who have a defined waist and rounded hips and breasts? Then you’re an hourglass. It’s no secret that this figure is nowadays regarded as the “ideal” body type, and numerous clothing trends are created to highlight it. Focus on accentuating your waist when dressing for an hourglass figure by wearing fitted clothing, such as tight and longer dresses or tailored blouses paired with high-waisted pants or skirts. As comfortable as baggy jeans and oversized sweats are, they don’t really suit this body shape. 


Apple-shaped bodies have a larger waist and smaller hips and legs, carrying their weight in the center. In order to balance your look while dressed for this body type, attract focus to your upper body with V-neck tops or statement jewelry. Choose A-line dresses or high-waisted skirts that flare out below the waist instead of clothing that is too tight or clings around the waist. This will give your waistline a more defined look, and it will give the illusion of an hourglass shape.


Wider hips and thighs and smaller waist and bust are key features of the pear body. To bring emphasis to your upper body while dressed for this body type, use tops in bright colors or bold prints, and bottoms in deeper or more muted hues. Wider hips can be balanced out with a-line skirts or pants that have a slight ankle flare, and high-waisted styles can lengthen your legs and make your waist appear smaller.


With very little definition in the waist, the rectangle shape is defined by a sharp and athletic physique. While dressing for this body type, try to give the illusion of curves with waist-cinching outfits. You can emphasize your waist while giving the impression of having an hourglass figure with the help of belts, bodycon dresses, and tight blouses. Avoid boxy or shapeless designs because they can make you appear too narrow.

Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders and a small waist and hips define the inverted triangle body type. To balance your proportions when dressing for this body type, emphasize your lower half. Boatneck or off-the-shoulder tops can help to hide large shoulders, and a-line skirts or jeans with a slight flair can help to give the appearance of wider hips. Avoid wearing anything overly fitting or tight on top because this will draw attention to your broad shoulders.


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