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Simple Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Spring is here, and the days are finally getting warmer. A lot of us will be out and about for the majority of our day. We want to enjoy the first rays of sunshine, go on walks with our friends, and get some ice cream with our loved ones. If you’re a makeup lover, like I am, you’ll probably also want to wear a full face of glam during those occasions. But due to the higher temperature and humidity, makeup is much more likely to melt off our faces than it was during the winter. So if you want to make your makeup last longer, here are some simple ways to do that.

Use blotting papers

Why did everyone in the beauty community forget about blotting papers? If there is one product that I absolutely love when it comes to making my makeup last longer, then it’s blotting paper. They are just the perfect product to get rid of some extra grease from your face, without moving your foundation or other face products. They are also easy to throw in your purse and bring with you wherever you go. Your makeup will look fresh, and you won’t have to worry about bringing a brush and powder with you.

Not to prime is a crime

Another makeup product that most of us stopped using. I don’t know who decided that primers were an unnecessary step in your makeup routine, but that’s just not true. Don’t get me wrong, primers aren’t something I use every day. However, if I know that I’ll be out for 10+ hours, and I want my makeup to look good even by the end of the day, I’ll absolutely use a primer. But not just any primer will do. Skip the hydrating or silicone pore-filling primers, they actually don’t do too much. Opt for a gripping primer that will look your makeup into place.

Do a good skincare routine

Doing a good skincare routine before applying your makeup will also elongate the time of its wear. Be wise about the products you choose. Do you have oily skin? Then use something with salicylic acid that will control your sebum production. If your skin is dry, apply multiple hydrating layers. Your makeup will look much better when applied, and it will also last longer because it grips better to your skin.

Setting products

If you need your makeup to last extra long, don’t be afraid to use a generous amount of setting powder and setting sprays. Setting spray isn’t something I use on a day-to-day basis, but it’s a great addition on those days when I want to make sure that my makeup doesn’t move. They can be a bit drying on the skin, so make sure you don’t use them too frequently. When it comes to setting powder, I’ll apply a bit more of it than I usually would. Just make sure to apply it in thinner layers, so that your foundation doesn’t end up looking cakey.


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