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Who Says You Have To Compromise? How To Look Chic In Activewear

I love wearing activewear, even if I’m not heading to the gym. I mean, what’s there not to love? You’ll be comfy, it’s easy to move, and you won’t feel like you’re bursting out of your pants after a good meal. But there is one downside to activewear — if you don’t do it right, you can end up looking like you just got out of bed awaiting your Amazon packages. So if you want to look chic in activewear, these are the rules that you should follow.

Choose neutral colors 

If you want to look presentable, even when wearing leggings and a sports bra, then opt for neutral colors. A neutral color palette is easy to combine with other clothing pieces, such as trench coats, leather jackets, or flannel shirts. It will be easy to dress up your look, and colors such as beige or brown also look amazing when combined with gold jewelry. 

Invest in good fabrics 

I love to get a good deal when buying clothes, and it’s often not that hard to find amazing items for not that much money. However, when it comes to activewear, you often get what you pay for. Instead of standard polyester, try to find clothes that are made out of fabrics such as spandex, bamboo fiber, nylon, or microfiber. They will be slightly more expensive, but they are also more durable, wrinkle-resistant, and fast-drying.

Balance it out

If you decide to wear an oversized sweatshirt, don’t combine it with baggy joggers. While this is the ideal outfit for chilling at home and binge-watching Gilmore Girls, it definitely can’t be considered chic. Balance out your baggy sweatshirts with tight leggings or a pair of cycling shorts. On the other hand, if you want to wear some oversized pants, opt for a bodysuit that enhances your figure.


Add that extra something to your look with the help of a few staple pieces of jewelry. Golden hoops, a tiny necklace, or a vintage gold watch will help you elevate your look. But jewelry isn’t the only way to accessorize activewear. You can also add hats, caps, beanies, or hair accessories such as scrunchies, claw clips, or headbands.

Choose the right shoes

If you are wearing your activewear without the intention of going to the gym, then you can opt for a less convenient pair of shoes. To elongate your legs and upgrade your outfit, opt for a pair of sneakers with platform soles. Again, make sure to stick to neutral colors. White will be the easiest to combine. But other colors such as gray, olive green, or champagne can also be a great choice.

Put some effort into your hair and makeup 

I’m not saying that you should go full glam, but if you are trying to get that “clean girl” look, then do some minimal makeup and a snatched bun. Think of that “model-off-duty” look. When it comes to makeup, a little bit of mascara, some cream blush, glossy lips, and eyebrow gel will do the trick. This look combines beautifully with activewear, and you will look chic and put together without trying too hard. 


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