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Wellness Tips To Help You Get Out Of That Springtime Sadness 

While spring is my favorite season of the year, it can also feel so heavy. Everything on the outside is blooming, but there is still a certain type of sadness that we keep carrying on from the winter months. If you’re one of those people that experience showers of sadness every spring season, know that you are not alone. Thankfully, there are some ways to cope with this.

No internet before coffee

You would be surprised at how much a good morning routine can change your whole day. I love slow mornings. The smell of fresh coffee mixed with brisk air, doing my skincare and makeup, and just enjoying a little bit of time to myself before going out into the world. Why ruin these precious moments with social media? Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your feed the second you wake up, commit to not even using your phone until you are done with your morning coffee (or whatever it is that you may be drinking — lemon water, tea, matcha, or green juice). A good morning routine is the first step to help with your seasonal sadness.

Declutter your bedroom 

Never underestimate the power of decluttering. Whenever I feel like everything is getting a bit overwhelming, it will also project onto my living space. Especially my bedroom. Suddenly, I will stop making my bed in the morning, changing my sheets will become the most difficult task in the world, and half of my wardrobe is casually laying on my floor. Whenever this happens, be determined to dedicate at least one day to de-cluttering your bedroom. You will feel so much better once this process is over. Our surroundings have a huge impact on our moods, and we often aren’t even aware of it.


Positive affirmations have completely changed my life, and I will never not be a huge believer in them. I know that it can be so cringing to speak them out loud, especially in the beginning. It doesn’t feel sincere, and it will take some time until you will genuinely start to believe the things that you are saying. However, trust us when I tell you that positive affirmations can rewire even the most stubborn brains over time. For me, it was always a lot easier to follow guided positive affirmation videos from YouTube than to come up with them by myself. But do whatever works best for you.

Make sure your body is taken care of 

What do I mean by that? Just make sure that you have the basics covered. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, take your vitamins, eat your greens, and get some exercise. This seems so cliche, however, how can you expect to feel good if you don’t take good care of your body? 

Our minds and bodies are connected. That means that in order to feel good on the inside, you also have to feel good on the outside. So practice self care. I don’t expect you to run a marathon or take some super fancy and expensive supplements. But small things such as making ten thousand steps per day and getting enough sleep at night will have an impact on how you feel.


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