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Skincare Spring Cleaning: What Can Stay And What Should Go

Spring is here, and with it often comes the desire to reorganize our lives. I always look forward to my skincare spring cleaning. It has been quite a while after I made my New Year’s resolutions, and now it’s finally the time to reevaluate them. One of my biggest resolutions for the New Year was to take better care of my skin. I have always looked after my skin, however, I felt like there was still room left for improvement. I wanted to learn more about my skin’s true needs, and see what I steps I should completely erase from my routine, and what steps I could add.

After a few months of a learning curve, I realized that skincare is unnecessary made complicated. My skin doesn’t thrive on a elaborate routine. Instead, it looks its best when I keep things simple. That’s why I decided to do spring cleaning of my skincare products, and see what things should go, and what should stay.

First things first — check the expiration dates on all of your products

The first step in your skincare spring cleaning should be to check the expiration dates of all your skincare products. Each product has a date after opening, which basically tells you how long you can use a product for before it goes bad. Try your best to remember when you bought each of your skincare products, and throw out whatever you suspect to be expired. You shouldn’t ever use products after they have expired, as they could seriously mess with the state of your skin. This is especially true for products such as sunscreens, retinols, and vitamin C serums.

Give away the products you don’t enjoy using

All of us have at least that one skincare product in our bathroom counters that we know we are not going to use. It’s nice, not expired, and sometimes, it’s even more expensive than the rest of our routine. But we just don’t enjoy using it. Sometimes I get products gifted, and even though I know they don’t work for my skin type, I still keep them around. In most cases, they will collect dust in my bathroom until they expire and I’m forced to throw them out. Instead of that, collect these products before they have the chance to go bad. Then, gift them to someone close to you who might enjoy them more.

Reevaluate what you really need in your routine

It can get so overwhelming to decide what products you really need to use on a day-to-day basis. A lot of us still enjoy having fun with our skincare routines and adding new and trending products. However, having a more minimalistic approach to beauty in general can be so rewarding. You won’t ever fall into that compulsive buying mindset. Then, you will only purchase the products that you truly know work for you. So as the last step of your springtime skincare cleaning, do a deep cleaning of your bathroom skincare shelves. Honestly decide which of the products in your current routine will be worth a repurchase.


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