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Why A Faux Leather Dress Is The Perfect Winter-To-Spring Transition Piece

It’s that weird time of the year again — it’s too hot for winter clothes, but still too chilly for our spring and summer clothes. Transitioning from winter to spring is so weird. Enter my favorite, a faux leather dress.

January always has a weird impact on me, my mood, and my style. Then, February and March arrive, and I start to feel like a completely different person. The days are finally getting a bit longer, and we are also getting a lot more sunshine. 

While transitioning from summer to fall seems so seamless, in all aspects — from fashion to makeup and skincare, the winter-to-spring period is very different. Not to sound too poetic, but it really feels like a fresh beginning.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of your favorite winter fashion pieces and combine them according to this season. Because this period goes by so fast, instead of buying some brand new clothing pieces, let’s make the best of the ones we already have. 

Faux leather skirts — why they’re a must-have

By now, most of us have at least one faux leather skirt. They are the easiest way to feel put together and cute even when it’s cold outside. They pair incredibly well with thick winter thighs, big sweaters, and knee-high boots. However, they are also easy to style for the spring. 

If you are looking for some outfit inspiration for those weird few days between winter and spring, then look no further. All you need are your favorite leather skirts and the basic clothing pieces that most of us already have in our wardrobes. 

White button-down 

If you are looking for a simple and sophisticated way to style a faux leather dress for your corporate office, then this is the look for you. Nothing screams “business casual” more than a white button-down. In combination with a mid-length black leather skirt, and a pair of black chunky flats you will look trendy while remaining professional and office-friendly. 

Colorful sweater and sneakers

Are you looking for a playful outfit to wear for a daytime date with your friends? Then combine a fun and colorful sweater with a short leather skirt and a pair of comfortable sneakers. If it’s still too cold to wear sneakers or go out without a jacket, replace the sneakers with combat boots or uggs, and layer a puffer jacket or teddy coat on top of this ‘fit. 

All black everything 

If you are looking for an elegant but effective outfit to wear for a night out, then combine a tight black leather skirt with a black and slightly sheer bodysuit. Of course, wear a cute bralette underneath. You can add a pair of sheer black tights to the mix, and top it all off with black pointy heels. This all-black look is timeless and sophisticated, but still unbelievably sexy.


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