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Skin Care Is Self Care: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Nighttime Routine

A few years ago, taking my makeup off at night and applying my skincare seemed like such a difficult task. I would put it off until the last minute, and only do it once I was half asleep. I didn’t see any joy in it. And to be quite honest, I also had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, I have since perfected my nighttime routine.

After learning so much not only about skincare, but also about what my skin needs, what it tolerates, and what it doesn’t, I started to see my evening routine as a ritual. It was my “me” time, and not only something that had to be done. 

Your shower routine

A lot of people see skincare as something solely superficial. But skincare isn’t just a way to prevent wrinkles, pimples, and sun spots. Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s not only our face that’s covered in skin. The skin on our body needs care too. 

Once I truly realized that I started to have a different perspective on skincare. I am a nighttime-shower kind of person, and my shower is the place where my skincare starts. I have my cleansers in my shower, and I always start with my cleansing oil as soon as I jump into the shower.

Instead of rushing through my shower routine, I find it incredibly relaxing to put on some music (most often Harry Styles) and light some candles. This lifts up my mood instantly. It also allows me to experience this time as a ritual, instead of a routine. 

While this will seem “extra” to some people, I would just wholeheartedly suggest trying it out for yourself. Most of us are already listening to music while showering, so why not dim the lights and light some candles? If you don’t enjoy music, put on some positive affirmations and relaxing sounds to help you unwind from the day with your nighttime routine.

Let’s have some fun 

Once I get out of the shower and I’m clean and ready for my skincare products, I always try to be quick and apply my body skincare while my skin is still slightly damp. This will allow some extra moisture to penetrate into my skin, and you won’t feel any of that annoying after-shower itching.

Once I’m done with my body lotion, it’s time for my skincare products. If I have some extra energy by the end of this (which isn’t too often) I will include some extra steps like masks, tools, or LED lights. A nice hydrating sheet mask combined with a gua sha or jade roller in addition to a glass of wine is basically my ideal way to spend a night in.

While none of these steps are a necessity in your skincare, they are the things that will help you not fall into a routine. They are some fun things that you can do from time to time as a way to treat yourself. So why not just enjoy them? Put on your favorite show while you’re doing a mask, drink a beverage of your choice, and care for your body and soul in the meantime. You can turn your nighttime routine into something fun you look forward to instead of something you ‘have to do’.


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