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Save Or Splurge: What Skincare Products Are Worth Your Money? 

Creating a good skincare routine can get expensive. Especially if you love to include different steps such as toners and serums. Even if you decide to stick to drugstore products, the prices can easily add up and you can be left with a routine costing more than a hundred dollars. It’s completely normal and reasonable to want to invest in your skin. It is our largest organ after all, and we should take care of it. However, not every product is worth the premium price tag. 

As a self-proclaimed skincare fanatic, I have a pretty strong opinion about what products are actually the ones that we should spend our money on. And I’m not talking about specific brands, but instead skincare categories. So let’s dive in and see where you should save, and where you can splurge. 


Save. There is no reason to pay a lot of money for a face cleanser. This isn’t a category where you should look for fancy ingredients and actives. You are going to wash it all off anyway. Stick to the basics and opt for a gentle, creamy cleanser. 


Save. Moisturizers shouldn’t be widely expensive as well. Sure, there are plenty of luxury options available, but all of them serve the same purpose— to moisturize your skin. And basic and affordable ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid will do that just fine. 

Essences and toners 

No need to spend any money here at all. What is even the purpose of toners and essences? While people who enjoy extravagant 10-step skincare routines swear by their essences and toners, these aren’t in any way must-haves for anyone’s skincare routine. While they will add a bit of hydration to your skin, they aren’t powerful enough to make a true difference.


Splurge. It makes a lot more sense to splurge on a serum than on a moisturizer. Serums deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients, and they are more likely to make a difference in your skin than a moisturizer would. In addition to that, they also often last a bit longer. That’s because you will only need a few drops to cover your whole face and neck.


Splurge. I would definitely invest a little bit more money into this category. Buy from brands who invest in good quality ingredients, and who have done studies to prove that their products actually work. Retinols can be hard to formulate because they aren’t stable to begin with, so you want to buy from a brand that you can trust.

Eye cream

Save. Or if you ask me — don’t spend any money at all. While eye creams are a cute little addition to your skincare routine, they aren’t in any way a necessity. You will be more than fine with using your regular skincare around your eye area.


Splurge. I’m not saying that you should go out and buy the most expensive sunscreen available. But you should definitely invest in quality. Look for something with an elegant formula and proven UV filters. The best sunscreen is the one that you will use, and sometimes drugstore formulas can be a little too greasy or with a white cast.


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