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Quick Makeup Looks To Wear For Your Valentine’s Day Date 

February 14th is right around the corner, and many of us are feeling super excited about our Valentine’s Day plans. No matter if you’re going out for dinner with your significant other, or you want to spend the night having drinks with your girls. Chances are that you still want to look nice. If you aren’t sure what look to go for this Valentine’s Day, here are three of our recommendations. 

Simple & Romantic

If you don’t have any specific plans for this day, or you just prefer to keep things simple, this is the look for you. It combines the “Clean Girl” makeup look with some other, more romantic features. 

You want to make sure that your skin looks dewy, fresh, and not overly contoured. Just like with the Clean Girl look, you should opt for cream products and a skin tint with very light coverage. Apply the smallest amount of powder to your T-zone only. 

Now, it’s time to give this look more of a romantic feel. When it comes to blush, top your cream blush up with some additional powder blush. We would suggest going for a cool-toned pink color. Be generous with the application, because a flushed pink face will make you look youthful, girly, and like you just met your crush in the hallway.

Use the same power blush on your eyelids to create a soft and natural eye look. You can also add a shimmering champagne eyeshadow to your inner eyelid, and top it all of with a few layers of mascara. When it comes to the lips, keep things simple as well. Instead of lipstick, opt for a pink-toned lip oil.

The Colors Of Love

If you love to have fun with your makeup, then we will suggest going for a full-on Valentine’s Day look. To achieve that, combine the colors of love, pink and red. But this year don’t go for that overused pink eyeshadow and matte red lipstick look. 

2023 is the year of graphic liner and Barbiecore aesthetic, so why not incorporate that in your makeup look? Opt for a bright red winged liner and a bold pink look. If you want to look extra girly and on-trend, go for lipstick with a shiny or vinyl finish. 

Timeless Beauty

This is an unmistakable make-up look for all times, and it is also a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. This classic, timeless look implies accentuated eyes and lips, balancing each other out. This is the look classic Hollywood beauties wore on every red carpet event.

To get this look, start with your eyes. You will use darker eyeshadows, and it’s much easier to avoid a mess if you don’t have any other makeup on. Use neutral brown shades to create a smokey eye. Use darker shades in the outer corners, and lighter shades in the inner corners of your eyes. Then, top it all off with a thin winged liner and falsies. 

To look like a true femme fatale, opt for bright red lipstick. Because this lip look is so bright, make sure you line your lips first. Ideally, you will use a red lip liner in the shade of your lipstick. However, a nude lip liner will work as well. Because we sense kisses, long-lasting matte lipstick might be your best bet.


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