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Romantic Manicure Ideas Perfect For Valentine’s Day

After months of candy cane nails, glitter manicures, shimmering snowflakes, and winter colors, it’s finally time to get ready for our spring manicures. But before we go back to pastel Easter colors, it’s time to get creative with the most romantic manicure ideas for Valentine’s Day

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a complete fool for all things Valentine’s Day-themed. Give me all of the cheesy XoXos, pink and red hearts, arrows, and roses. I love the whole aesthetic. It is the perfect excuse to embrace our girly side, and fall back into our soft feminine energy.

However, not all Valentine’s Day manicures have to be romantic and innocent. There is also a way to celebrate this holiday while still sticking to your sexy and dark alpha female aesthetic. So if you are looking for manicure suggestions that you can wear while celebrating love, then keep on reading. 

Pink & Red

Who says that you shouldn’t mix pink and red? When it comes to a romantic manicure, it can’t get more romantic than with a pink base and red hearts. This look goes great with different shapes and lengths, and you can customize it to your liking. It’s so easy to recreate that you can even do it yourself at home.

Heart Tips

Instead of the classic French tip, you can ask your nail techs for heart-shaped tips. This would also be pretty easy to recreate at home because it doesn’t require the preciseness of a classic French tip. You can accessorize this look with additional hearts, stickers, or a glitter accent nail.

Heart Candy Nails

You know those little conversation heart candies you see popping around everywhere during the first two weeks of February? Why not use them as inspiration for your next manicure? Ask your technician for differently colored nails, and opt for pastel tones. Then, add some romantic words written with red nail polish. Your manicure will be cute, unique, and a conversation starter. 

Red French Manicure 

This is such a classic for Valentine’s. It’s not too juvenile, and you won’t get sick of it after a few days. You can also combine it with solid red nails, or other details such as glitter or gems. However, even a simple red french tip will give you all of the romantic vibes while not being too much. 


While XoXos on nails seem so 2012, why not give this long-forgotten look a new life? It seems a bit ridiculous to think that the early 2010s are vintage, however, that era has been more than 10 years ago now. So to channel your inner Gossip Girl, add XoXos to the nail on your ring finger, or get creative and combine it with other girly details, like kisses or gems.


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