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Skin Procedures That Work Better Than Botox And Fillers 

Are you afraid of injections? While botox and dermal fillers have been great cosmetic procedure options for millions of people around the world, some of us still perceive them as being a bit too drastic. That could be especially true if you, like me, freak out whenever you see a needle. As trusted as botox and fillers are, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any alternatives out there that have the potential to work just as well. Skin procedures come in many different forms, and most of these forms, thankfully, don’t include any needles.  Here are some of my favorite alternatives.

Chemical Peels

Never underestimate the power of a good old chemical peel. But I’m not talking about the chemical peels that you can use at home. Instead, I’m talking about medical-grade chemical peels that are only done by professionals.

During chemic peels, the outermost layer of skin is treated with highly concentrated acids. This will cause this layer to peel, removing surface age spots and wrinkles, and leaving you with brighter and younger-looking skin. 

These peels come in many different strengths. You have to be prepared for the aftermath of this treatment because you WILL look like a snake shedding its skin for the next couple of days. Depending on your desired results, you may need more than just one treatment.

Laser Resurfacing

You would be shocked at how much of a difference in your skin this treatment can make. Dermatologists use a special laser that damages the deep layers of the skin. Even though that sounds bad, it actually stimulates the growth of new skin cells and collagen production. 

The damaged layers of your skin will peel away, similarly to how it would after a chemical peel. You will end up with the smoothest skin of your life. This treatment targets all signs of aging, from sun spots to sagging. 

This treatment is pricey, and you will probably need more than one session. However, it’s a great alternative to injectables. Even for people with more advanced signs of aging.


Dermabrasion is a great option for all types of skin textures. From wrinkles to fine lines, and acne scars, it can help you smooth out your skin. This is an exfoliating technique that uses rotating instruments to remove the outer layer of the skin. During the procedure, the dermatologist will numb your skin with anesthesia. So pain won’t be an issue.

After the outer layer of your skin is removed, you will be left with a pink or red face, and you might even experience some swelling or scabbing in the following days. However, after the healing period has passed, you’ll have smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin.


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