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TikTok’s One Dot Contouring Hack Won Over The Internet 

Contouring hasn’t been all the rage in the last two years. That’s because TikTok completely took over the beauty community, and made minimal makeup a huge trend. Instead of heavy contouring and a stripe of bright highlighter, blush became the most popular way of making your complexion pop. 

However, lately, it seems as if contouring might be making a comeback. But not in the form that Kim Kardashian once made famous. Instead, it’s all about creating natural shadows and blended lines. Just like with many other makeup trends lately, it’s about looking as natural as possible.

TikTok’s “One Dot” hack

If you never mastered the art of contouring, then TikTok’s genius “One Dot” trick could help you out. This is probably the easiest way to give yourself some snatched cheekbones, while still looking natural. 

Makeup expert, Megan Lavallie, shared with her TikTok followers a super-simple contour that makes this makeup technique both simple and quick. 

Megan explained that in order to contour, all you really have to do is apply a nickel-sized patch in the hollow of your face that is a few shades darker than the rest of your skin. She describes the location as “this one spot on your cheek that if you poked a hole through, it would touch your cheek.”

Megan then proceeded to use a fluffy blending brush to delicately blend in the spot with the rest of the skin. She explained: “If you softly blend it out, you create the most soft-looking high cheekbone for those who want to look good from the side and the front.” This is what makes this hack ideal for people who never liked those harsh lines in traditional contouring. 

In the video that was published on her account @mandylikes, she further explained: “A straight line from your ear can sometimes appear a little intense.” This method works great on all types of faces, from oval to square to round. When choosing the right product, ensure it isn’t too dark, ashy, or warm-toned. 

How to wear the look

This subtle contouring look looks best in an overall natural makeup look. To get the most natural results, make sure you are using cream and liquid products. These products will blend into your skin seamlessly, and give your complexion a radiant glow. You can add a dot of cream blush to the apples of your cheek, and top your face makeup off with a little bit of liquid highlighter. 

When it comes to the rest of your makeup, keep things minimal as well. You can opt for a soft smokey eye, or try out some of the other trending TikTok makeup looks, like the “Doe Eye”. Line your lips with a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color, and finish it off with some lipgloss. You will look feminine, and put-together, while not overdoing it. 


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