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Winter Body Care: How To Keep Your Skin Soft And Hydrated

It’s no secret that our skin needs special care in the winter months. But while we love to focus on the skin that covers our faces and necks, we often forget about the skin on the rest of our bodies. That’s why so many of us experience cracked elbows, dry hands, and chapped lips during the winter. It’s winter body care to the rescue!

Cold air outside and dry heated air indoors take a toll on our skin. It can get irritated, red, and dry. But even during the harshest winter weather conditions, there are ways to keep our largest organ intact. Below we bring you five tips to help your skin stay soft and hydrated, even when the temperatures start to drop.

Use humidifiers

Dry air in heated spaces is our skin’s biggest enemy during the winter months. It is not only bad for our skin but also for the respiratory system. That’s where a humidifier can help you out. Humidifiers ensure that a certain amount of moisture always remains in the air. That way your skin can still retain moisture and be almost as plump and hydrated as it is during the summer.

Lip and hand scrubs

Lips and hands are so sensitive in winter that sometimes regular use of balms and creams does not help. That’s why we reach for exfoliation products in the winter. There are dedicated lip scrubs as well as hand scrubs that will remove a layer of dead skin while nourishing your lips and hands as they usually contain oils and other ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin for your winter body care routine. However, you have to remember to not overuse them. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good.

Hydrate your skin on a daily basis

When you feel that your skin is tight and dry, it is already too late. Get into the habit of using moisturizers or body oils after every shower, and always carry hand cream and lip balm in your bag. This way you will avoid dry skin in advance, especially in winter. While it’s easy to get away with not using lotion and lip balm in the warmer months, you shouldn’t ever skip these steps once the temperatures start to drop.

Shower oils

Your skin is incredibly dry, and it seems as if every shower gel out there is too harsh for it. Then why not try out a shower oil? Shower oils will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished, while still removing the dirt from your body. They are a bit more pricey than traditional shower gels, however, they can be a true lifesaver when it seems like everything else is just not working for your skin. 

Avoid long hot showers

As tempting as it is to shower in hot water when the temperatures outside drop, a hot shower in winter is not what your skin needs. Hot water is incredibly drying to the skin and should be especially avoided if you plan to leave the house right after showering. Rather, combine the water temperature and alternate hot and cold waves of water. This way you will wake up your body, improve circulation, and have more energy during the day.


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