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Brittle Nails? “Nail Slugging” Is The Newest TikTok Trend For The Perfect Manicure

Another day, another viral TikTok beauty trend. I won’t say that I’m addicted to TikTok, you can conclude that yourself, but I have to admit that I really have found some amazing beauty tips on this social media platform. However, I also came across some concerning ones as well. Remember that at-home micro-needling trend? Only thinking about it sends shivers through my spine. I truly hope everyone’s skin barrier is doing better now that it’s over. Thankfully, most of the trends that go viral on this platform are a bit less problematic. And one of them is nail slugging. 

If you are currently experiencing dry and brittle nails, that are prone to cracking and breaking, then nail slugging could be just the right thing for you. So if you want to learn everything about this fresh beauty trend, then keep on reading.

What is nail slugging?

If, like me, you were surprised when you read the name of the trend – don’t worry. I’m here to explain it to you. By now you must have heard about this skincare trend. Slugging is a process in which, before going to bed, you smear your face with a thick layer of Vaseline. This prevents trans-epidermal water loss and helps the rest of your skincare penetrate more deeply. 

Many dry skin sufferers have reported on TikTok that this technique is the only one that has helped their skin retain at least some level of hydration. So it’s no wonder that slugging has taken over other beauty routines as well. From hair slugging, lip slugging, and finally, also nail slugging. 

If you’ve ever had problems with your cuticles cracking in the winter you know how important it is to learn as many tricks as possible to help prevent this from happening. Happy cuticles equal happy and healthy nails. And who doesn’t want stronger and longer nails? 

How to do it

Users on TikTok say that their nails were completely transformed when they start applying Vaseline on their nails. Especially after they decide to stop wearing gel polish. The recovery process of the nail plate after you stop applying the gel requires a lot of time, and of course patience.

Some say that it should be done every night before bed. However, one of the most popular skincare Tiktokers, Dr. Charles MD, recommends doing this only once a week. You will see how the skin around your nails will become softer almost immediately, and your nails will appear healthier and shinier as well.

Nail slugging should be done about half an hour before you go to bed so that your skin can absorb all the products you have applied. First, put on the hand cream, then spread Vaseline on the cuticles and rub everything well into the skin. You will wake up to the softest cuticles of your life! 


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