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The Liquid Hair Trend Is Taking Over Social Media 

Messy hair, beach waves, and undone looks are now a thing of the past. Straight hair, so shiny that it looks like liquid, is the newest hair trend. We could see it on numerous celebrities in the last year. From Kim Kardashian to Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Dakota Johnson, and Jennifer Lopez.

The mastermind behind this hair trend is celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. While it resembles the ‘glass‘ hair trend that was popular a few years ago, there is one main difference – movement. The hair should appear shiny, but it shouldn’t be stuck in one place. Each strand has movement, which makes the hair seem liquid. 

This polished look is a great option for formal events like parties and weddings. But it’s also great for nights out or casual dates. It’s not too difficult to recreate, and while it definitely will attract some looks, it won’t take over too much attention from your overall stunning appearance.

How to get the look?

The most common way to achieve this shine and flat texture is a keratin treatment. This treatment closes the hair cuticles and thus preserves moisture, which reduces the ‘frizzy’ effect of dry hair. 

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening procedures that smooth and add luster to unruly hair. However, the usage of keratin is not how this hair treatment works. A solution containing a formaldehyde derivative is massaged into the hair, breaking hair bonds and resealing them in a straighter position. The results last for three to six months once the solution is blow-dried and sealed with a flat iron.

Professional treatment in the salon has a long-lasting effect and leaves the hair silky, but many clients might be worried about the formaldehyde that is sometimes used in such treatments, while others do not want permanent change, but just experiment with new looks.

Can the ‘liquid hair’ effect be achieved at home?

This effect can be achieved without going to the hairdresser, but you will need special hair smoothing products, a little skill, a hair dryer, and a hair iron.

Before drying, it is necessary to apply smoothing products to the hair that will ‘act’ like keratin treatments, but don’t forget about a product to protect the hair from heat. Blow dry your hair downwards to close the cuticles, then straighten it further with a flat iron. Finally, spray your hair with a shine spray that will further emphasize this ‘liquid’ impression.

You can also use other products, like hair oils, anti-humidity sprays, or hair serums. These will help add even more shine to your hair. However, you have to understand that these at-home treatments won’t be as effective and won’t last as long as the ones you get at the salon. 

So if you have super curly or frizzy hair, it might be a bit more difficult for you to get that true “liquid” appearance.


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