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French Chic: How To Style A Beret Without Looking Ridiculous

Do you want to channel your inner ‘Emily in Paris‘? Then a beret is just the accessory you need. But how do you style a beret? Berets are a great option for fall, winter, and spring. They aren’t as warm as traditional winter hats, but they will still provide a little bit of warmth during those colder days. 

Berets have made a huge comeback in the last couple of years. However, if you never wore a beret before, you might find it difficult to style it. They can look a bit like a costume if not combined with the right pieces. And the way in which you should wear it also depends on your current style. 

So if you are in doubt about how you should style a beret without looking ridiculous, we have some tips that could help you out. We made sure to offer you some versatility, from soft girly looks to a more rock ‘n’ roll edgy vibe.

Choose natural makeup 

If you don’t want your beret to appear to be “too much,” minimizing your makeup is one way to do so. If you want to give off that minimalistic French women’s vibe, go with their less-is-more beauty philosophy. Opt for a natural tinted lip balm, a little bit of mascara, a light coverage foundation, and the tiniest amount of blush

Play with color

Are you afraid you are going to look like a 1960s librarian? Then pick a beret in a vibrant color, to add more of a youthful and playful look. Match the color of your beret with other accessories, like your bag or a scarf. Make sure that the rest of your outfit is neutral, or if you want, go bold and color block. 

Hopeless romantic

Everyone associates berets with Paris, the city of love. So why not add some romantic elements to your outfit? Experiment with ruffles, sheer fabrics, flowers, and pearls. Opt for pastel colors and soft shapes, and choose a beret matching that vibe. You will look like the main character of a French romance novel. 

Add some edge

If you want to avoid appearing too feminine, you can add a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to your look by opting for a faux leather beret. You can also add other edgy elements to your outfits, like a moto jacket or combat boots. To add some balance, you can layer these items on top of a black slip dress, to get just the right amount of seductive and edge. 

Embrace nostalgia

Berets were the favorite fashion accessory among the 1960s and 1970s fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot and Bianca Jagger. So paying homage to the vintage vibe is a great option as well. However, you don’t want it to look costumey, so try an athletic sweatshirt with flares inspired by the ’90s to make sure your style is balanced and modern. 


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