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Layering Ideas For Your Warmest Winter Outfits

The temperatures are starting to drop, and the best way to stay warm while still being stylish is to layer your favorite clothing items. However, layering can be so tricky. There is such a fine line between looking like you just threw on whatever you found in your wardrobe, and actually putting together a good-looking outfit with multiple layers to it. Here are some layering ideas that can help you upgrade your layering game.


If there is one clothing item that is absolutely ideal for layering then it’s a shacket. The shirt and jacket hybrid can be worn under traditional winter coats, and on top of warm winter sweaters and turtlenecks. You can opt for plaid patterns if you want to layer the shacket on top of more casual outfits or opt for a solid color if you prefer classic looks.

Experiment with different lengths

When it comes to layering, it’s all about creating balance. You don’t want to end up looking like Joey from Friends when he tried on all of Chandler’s clothes. To achieve more of a sophisticated look, make sure that you opt for clothing items in different lengths. This will give more structure to your look, and balance it out.

Layer under T-shirts

If you want to wear your favorite graphic T-shirts throughout the whole year, then why not layer them on top of your long-sleeved shirts or sweaters? This trend will take you back to the ‘90s and is a great way to layer your casual clothes. Sure, this won’t be the best option for corporate office outfits, but it’s a great idea for casual winter activities like ice skating or Christmas tree shopping.

Don’t forget about dresses

Don’t ditch dresses from your seasonal rotation just because they don’t scream “winter”! By layering a thick knit over a midi or maxi-style dress or skirt, you can easily wear your favorite dresses even when the temperatures start to drop. Additionally, if the look calls for it, you can wear a turtleneck underneath.

Leggings or tights

Leggings and tights are usually an excellent option if you need a bottom layer for your legs. If you’re really attempting to combat those chilly temps, you can even wear them under jeans or sweatpants. They will keep your legs warm even on the coldest winter days.

Oversized coats

Now that you threw so many layers on, you will need a slightly oversize coat. Oversized coats have been popular for a few winter seasons, and they play perfectly with the layering trend. Just throw an oversized coat on top of your outfit, and you will look stylish and put together while being warm. If you want to get more structure in your outfit, just add a belt to enhance your waist and body shape.


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