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Brittle Nails? How To Have Strong Nails Even In The Dead Of Winter

I absolutely love the winter season. Warm sweaters, hot drinks, cozy nights in, and cheesy movies. I’m all about that. However, it’s no secret that harsh winter conditions can have a toll on our bodies. When it comes to maintaining the health of your nails, icy winds, snow, and dry conditions are a recipe for disaster. With winter quickly approaching, you need to be sure your routine is in order. So let’s see what you can do to keep your nails strong even in the dead of winter.

Wear gloves

Gloves are so underrated when it comes to protecting nails. In addition to keeping your hands warm on brisk mornings, a decent pair of gloves or mittens will also give a layer of protection to your nails by shielding them from the elements. While exposed to the cold, nails grow brittle, especially when performing winter duties like defrosting your car! You can also wear rubber gloves while washing your dishes or cleaning your home, as they will protect your nails and hands from the cleaning chemicals.

Cuticle care

Your cuticles are the foundation of the health of your nails, so you should always take care of them, especially in the winter. To keep your nails nourished and healthy, massage cuticle oil into them each day. You can also apply it right before bed so that your cuticles have enough time to absorb the oil while you are sleeping. In addition to that, you don’t have to use dedicated cuticle oil. Lots of natural oils will deliver the same types of benefits too. You can mix them together and create your own cuticle oil.


Don’t forget about hand cream! We all love to skip moisturizing our hands because it’s so annoying to wait for the lotion to sink in, and we are going to wash it off in the next hour anyway. However, while skipping hand cream in the summer months won’t make too much of a difference, neglecting hand skincare during the colder months could be a huge mistake. Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements, and both our skin and nails suffer. So make sure that you use some sort of lotion regularly.

If everything else fails, keep them short

We know that this isn’t the answer that you want to hear. However, if there is nothing that helps you, why not keep your nails short for the winter season? This will prevent snags and breaks, and it will also be much easier for you to put on gloves. I love having longer nails myself, but there are also certain perks of having short nails too. Just file them down to your desired length, and keep an extra file in your bag in case you need it for a snagging situation while you’re out and about.


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