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Tips To Finally Reach Your Hair Goals In 2023

2023 is upon us, and many new New Year’s resolutions come with it. While I’m personally not big on New Year’s resolutions, last year I did have one. It was to start taking care of my hair. When all of us were in quarantine, and no hairdresser was working, I started box-dying my hair. I even cut it myself, and, unfortunately, even tried to bleach it. Because thanks to the confusing color chart on every box-dye, and my non-existent hair coloring skills, my hair ended up being pitch-black. It wasn’t a look, let me tell you. Because my pale and pink-toned Slavic skin, combined with pitch-black hair made me look like I didn’t have one red blood cell going through my body.

That combined with the hair loss that I experienced after COVID really made me feel insecure about the way my hair looks. So I decided to really start caring for it. In late 2021 I visited the hair salon and went back to my natural, dark chocolatey brown hair color. I cut off all of my dead ends and ended up with a lob. It was a fresh start. However, I had no knowledge of hair care. I’m more of a skincare kind of girl. But haircare was always so confusing for me. I started my research, and more than 10 months later I can confidently say that my hair looks better than ever. Here are some tips that I have learned along the way.

Stop washing your hair every day

This was a tough one for me. I have oily and thin hair, and I always felt like I didn’t have any other option than to wash it every day. In addition to that, my scalp is also super sensitive and gets irritated by dry shampoo easily. But you have to understand that even if you don’t heat style your hair, your hair strands will still get their fair amount of damage on every wash day. Why? Most of us have hard water, which causes dryness and breakage. In addition to that, wet hair is so much more fragile than dry hair, so each time your hair gets soaking wet, you risk some damage. Try to stretch it out to at least 2-3 days between every wash.

Use a bond-building treatment

Bond-building treatments like Olaplex No 3 are the one hair care product that I would recommend everyone to invest their money in. They won’t mend your split ends, however, they will make your individual hair strands much stronger and less likely to break. I always had split ends until I started using these products regularly. I started off with once a week, and now I can get away with only using them once a month.

Use hair masks instead of conditioner

I haven’t used any conditioner in 2022! Why? Because I realized that you get much more from using a hair mask. If it works for me, who has super fine hair, then it could work for anyone. The one thing you have to do is find the right hair mask for your hair type. I love one that combines hydrating ingredients like fatty alcohols with a small number of nourishing oils, and light silicones like dimethicone. If you have medium or coarse hair, then you can look into something with more silicones or heavier ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter.


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