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How To Avoid The Holiday Breakout: Stress, Diet, And Acne

The winter holidays are getting close, and while that definitely can be the most beautiful and rewarding time of the year, it also brings a lot of stress and heavy food. Unfortunately, that combination can trigger acne in a lot of people. While breakouts and acne are completely normal, and not something to be ashamed of, most of us want to spend New Year’s with clear skin, right? So are there ways to avoid the notorious holiday breakout? Yes, there are. Here are some of our favorite tips. 

Always clean your face before bed

Most of us will be wearing more makeup than usual during the holiday season. There are so many parties to attend, and there is nothing shameful about wanting to look good. However, if you want to keep your skin clear, you have to remove your makeup before bed! Yes, even if you are tipsy. And yes, even if it’s 3 am. Your skin needs the night to recover, so lay out your skincare products on the sink before you leave the house, so that everything is ready once you arrive home. Even if you keep it simple, by just cleansing and moisturizing, it’s still better than just going to sleep with a full face of makeup on.

Use retinol 

The one product that can help you fight existing breakouts and prevent future ones is retinol. Any vitamin A derivative, retinol, retinal, Differin, or if you have access to a dermatologist — Tretinoin. Of course, you shouldn’t use them if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy shortly, however, if you are not, then we would highly suggest incorporating one of these products into your skincare routine. It’s gonna be a real game changer! Vitamin A derivatives promote skin cell turnover, making our skin clear, helping smooth out wrinkles, and even offering a form of exfoliation. Use them in the evening, and don’t forget to put on sunscreen in the morning.

Stick to healthy habits

The third tip has nothing to do with skincare, but instead with the way that you are going to handle the holiday season. Yes, it’s easy to get lost and let the stress completely take over your body. However, you should remember that the main goal of the holidays is to enjoy them. So make sure that you are gentle with yourself, and don’t think too much about what things were supposed to be like. It’s okay if not everything goes according to your plan. When it comes to the food, it’s a bit more difficult. There is just so much delicious food to choose from! However, you should also remember to eat some greens from time to time, to give your body the nutrients it needs. In addition to that, also make sure you drink enough water.


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