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Tired Of Flat Hair? Then Try Out These Haircuts 

I grew up with the flattest hair on earth. No volume and no body. My hair is super fine as well, and I don’t have a lot of it either. So I always thought that my best option would be a blunt cut. How wrong I was! It’s a complete misconception that you shouldn’t put layers into thin hair. However, thin hair needs the right type of layers. If you are struggling with flat and lifeless hair, then these cuts are the right choice for you.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is one of the trendiest hairstyles at the moment, thanks to TikTok. A wolf cut combines the best aspects of a mullet and shag hair cut. Short layers on top of the head fade into curtain bangs that frame the face. The goal is to leave the ends whispy, while making the top of your hair appear voluminous and full of body. This style looks best when styled with a blow-dry brush and a few velcro rollers. It will add some edginess to your look, and it’s a great cut to try if you want to stay on trend.

Curly Shag

refresh your look with these curly hairstyles for summer
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We haven’t forgotten about you curly queens out there as well! Curly hair can be flat too. However, with the right type of cut, it will be so much easier for you to get some body. The shag cut features a lot of layers, and a lot of face framing pieces. When it comes to curly hair, the shag cut makes the hair appear much more voluminous at the top, while making the ends more manageable. Shag cuts are a great option for all types of curls and waves, and they look good on most face shapes too.

Whispy Bangs

If you don’t feel like adding layers to your whole hair, but you still want that little extra something, consider just adding some whispy bangs. They will give some body and style to your hair, without being a dramatic change. Whispy bangs are basically just super thin bangs. They are fun, flirty and super trendy, and will make you look younger as well. They look great on all hair types, straight, curly, or wavey.

Face Framing Fringe

If you want something more dramatic than whispy bangs, then you could try out face framing pieces with an added fringe. This nostalgic, 60s inspired look, will look great on girls with flat and straight hair. Curl the ends of your hair inwards with the help of a flat or curling iron, or with some rollers. The cut will make you look sophisticated, classy, but not overly mature. It’s great for those women who love the classic style of the 60s and 70s, but with a modern spin to it.

Curtained Shoulder Cut

If you would rather go for shoulder length hair, you can try out a curtained shoulder cut. This cut also features bangs, however, we are talking about curtain bangs that gently frame the face. The layers are much more soft, and curtain bangs are also a great option for people who aren’t ready to commit to real bangs yet.


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