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“Sleepy Eyes” Is The Newest Makeup Trend That Everyone Is Obsessed With

Another day, another TikTok beauty trend, right? However, this one is definitely worth the attention and hype. Because it gives our exhausted faces and dark under-eyes a seductive and sultry spin. “Sleepy eyes” seem to be the biggest eye-makeup trend for the fall/winter season, and “it girls” like Emma Chamberlain, Lily-Rose Depp, and Joey King have already been seen wearing it.

This beauty trend is all about enhancing what is already present and celebrating it. No, we are not glorifying symptoms of distress or chronic exhaustion. However, why not normalize that people can experience fatigue and have dark circles around their eyes?

What are “Sleepy Eyes”

The sleepy eyes trend is essentially a darker version of siren eyes that places more emphasis on the area under the eye rather than on lengthening the eye. This TikTok trend wants to keep the angle of the eye straight, with an emphasis on darker shades on the lower eyelids. In the end, it should look as if you’d only gotten a few hours of sleep.

The goal isn’t to lift the eyes as with the siren look, and the shadow should fall across the eyes in a straight line rather than upwards and to the side in order to lengthen the eyelids to the point where they nearly appear closed or, as the name of the look suggests, sleepy. Even adding a fake dark under-eye circle effect can boost the image. The look is less polished and neat than the siren makeup. It’s all about that effortless and messy look, and looking like you went to bed without removing your makeup the night before.

How to get the look?

If you already have some dark circles under your eyes, you’re halfway there. You just need some black eyeliner, mascara, and a dash of dark eyeshadow to blend it all together. There are plenty of videos on TikTok explaining how to get this look step-by-step. The “Sleepy Eyes” hashtag has more than 200 million views. This proves how popular this look is getting.

Choose a smokey neutral shade that is on the lighter side to achieve the sleepy eyes look, and blend it into the outer third of your top lid with a fluffy blending brush. Then, using a tiny, pointed eyeshadow brush, blend some of the same shade into the inner corner of the eye to enhance (or fake) the look of dark under-eye circles.

Use black eyeliner to draw a straight line from your outer corner to your upper lash line to create a pin-straight wing. Next, fill in around three-quarters of your lower lash line or water line with a dark pencil or kohl liner. For more of a smokey effect, take a little blending brush and mix the liner into the wing with some dark eyeshadow.

Add a coat of mascara to both your top and bottom lashes to complete the “Sleepy eye” makeup look. You can combine the look with a neutral nude lipstick, or some tinted lip balm. Remember, less is more, and this look is all about that effortless vibe.


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