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How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

Let’s get real for a moment, okay? When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? A week, a month? Recently, I asked the same question to a friend of mine who isn’t that into makeup and doesn’t wear it regularly. She admitted that it had been months. I was shocked, and frankly, grossed out. But then we got into a whole discussion with our other friends about how often you should actually wash your makeup brushes. It turns out that not everyone has to wash them equally as often. It depends on how much you use them, what products you use, and how you store your brushes.

How often should you wash them?

As I already explained, there isn’t one universal answer to this question. While someone who uses makeup daily definitely should wash their brushes every 7 to 10 days, someone who only uses makeup once or twice a week can go longer between washes. It also depends on what you use the brush for. For example, brushes for liquid foundation should be washed after every use, because they accumulate bacteria faster and won’t blend as nicely if they are already covered in the foundation from the previous day. The brushes you only use on specific areas on your face, like eyeshadow brushes and blush brushes, can be washed only once every 14 days.

What should you use for washing

Many brands make their own brush cleaners, but a mild soap, shampoo, or gentle facial cleanser will do a great job too. I usually choose soap, it is by far the fastest and most efficient way to wash makeup brushes. But I also like to wash them with shampoo. If you use sponges, a solid bar of soap will also do an amazing job at removing the foundation and powder buildup. You don’t have to use anything fancy, as you are going to rinse off the product completely anyway.

Washing technique

You don’t need all those fancy brush-washing tools that everyone is using on social media. Sure, they can be fun to try out. However, your hands and some soap will do the job as well. Just wet the brush and rub it against the inside of your palm in gentle circular motions as the makeup buildup comes out. If necessary, repeat the process. In the end, rinse the brush with water, and squeeze out the excess water with a towel. You can clean the handle of your brush with a makeup wipe or some micellar water.

The drying process

Ideally, your wet makeup brushes should hang upside down. But don’t worry, just laying them on a flat surface will be fine as well. Sometimes you will get those handy net sleeves when buying a makeup brush. They are a great way to help your brush go back to its original shape after getting wet. However, even if you didn’t get them with your brushes, they are widely available and you can buy them for cheap on Amazon. Just place them on your brush after you squeeze out the excess water, and take them off when your brushes are dry.


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