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7 Beauty Trends That Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

Colder days are upon us, which means that sweat will no longer ruin your makeup. If the weather change has pushed you to play around with fall makeup looks, it’s good to know what will be worn in the coming months. This season it’s all about messy looks, so replace your neat cat-eye with smudged eyeliner, and just dab lipstick on your lips. We made a list of the leading makeup trends for fall 2022 that will rule the streets, Instagram, and TikTok.

Blurred lips

In case you never mastered the super precise and neat red lipstick look, we have some great news for you. This fall is all about messy and blurred lipstick looks. Apply lipstick with a fluffy shadow blending brush to achieve a blurred look, or opt for a tinted lip balm in vampy colors. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and if you want to make it look even more effortless, apply color only to the center of your lips.

Sequins and stones

When we say sequins and stones, you probably can’t help but think of the “Euphoria” series and the expressive makeup looks you saw there. Glitter and rhinestones on the eyes have never been more popular. Makeup artists recommend that you paint the pattern first with a brush and eyeshadow, or an eye pencil. This will make the whole application process much easier and faster.

Vinyl lips

Those matte liquid lipsticks that everyone was wearing in 2016 are now a thing of the past. Nobody wants to have matte lips anymore. Instead, it’s all about vinyl lipstick. You could already see the trend in action at the Met Gala, where Megan Fox and Gigi Hadid were rocking vinyl lips. However, this trend is about to completely blow up during the fall and winter months.

Bold eyeliner

Remember that bold eyeliner that Julia Fox was wearing at the beginning of this year while she was still dating Kanye West? Well, it seems as if she is a trendsetter. Bold eyeliner will be a huge trend during the fall/winter season, and you can already see it on the runways and on social media.


Underpainting is a technique of applying products like cream bronzer and blush under powder, which helps to create a seamless, more natural-looking blend. Because cream formulas are used, you’ll get a more radiant finish and better application. If you want a more dramatic look, you can always follow up with your favorite powder products.

Natural eyebrows

Maintaining your eyebrows – whether it’s waxing, tweezing or treatments like lamination – is so time-consuming. Luckily, natural, brows are trending this fall. Brush your brows upwards, fill in the gaps with a slim eyebrow pencil, and you’re ready for any occasion. Your brows should be feathery, and look like barely have any makeup on.

Glazed skin

The glazed skin trend is still going strong, so you will be seeing a lot of dewy fall makeup looks as well. If you have super dry skin, it can be a bit tricky to achieve this radiant look. We would suggest combining multiple products, such as vitamin C serums, and hyaluronic acid, but also glowy primers that will additionally enhance the dewy look. If you don’t have oily skin, skip the powder. Remember, the shinier the better.


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