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How To Get The Passport Makeup Look That Is All Over TikTok

Getting a nice passport photo has always been challenging. And the worst part about it is that whatever the picture ends up looking like, you have to live with it for ten years. The bad lighting makes us look a bit washed out, and the photo booth usually doesn’t know our angles. But recently a makeup look completely blew up on TikTok, claiming that it would make anyone look amazing on their passport photo. 

What is the look about? 

The passport makeup look is all about snatched contour, a fox eye, and juicy lips. While you may prefer to only wear natural makeup looks on a daily basis, this is the opportunity to add some glam to your face. The makeup won’t look nearly as harsh as it does in real life, but it will still enhance all of your best features. You can even go for fake eyelashes, over-lining the lips, and baking. However, make sure that you stick to natural and neutral-looking colors. You don’t want to look back on your passport photo regretting you wore green eyeliner or a bright orange lip.

Start with the base

When it comes to the base of your makeup look, you want it to look flawless. That means that a full-coverage foundation is the way to go. You can use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation to brighten up your under eyes. However, don’t go too light as it could look a bit harsh in the photo. Combine cream and powder contour, to give yourself a snatched face. Apply some blush to the apples of your cheeks, and top it all off with a little bit of highlighter. In the end, clean up your edges with the help of baking powder.

Fox eye

Now let’s move on to the eyes and eyebrows. By now, you probably already know what a fox-eye makeup look is. It focuses on lifting your eyes and giving you that Bella Hadid look. Apply eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes, to elongate and lift them. You can also apply fake lashes to the outer part of your lash line, to give you even more of that foxy look. Brush your eyebrows upwards using some brow glue or soap and water, and fill them in with a thin eyebrow pencil. The goal is for them to look lifted and as if you were wearing face tape

Juicy lips

Last but not least we have the lips. You want to keep it pretty simple here, and just use two products. A lip liner that is only slightly darker than your natural lip color, and a shimmering lip gloss. Overline your lips slightly using the lip pencil, and enhance the look of your Cupid’s bow. Make sure that your lips are symmetrical, and top it all off with a layer of shimmering lipgloss. This will make your lips appear full and voluminous in the photo.


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