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Back To Basics: This Is The Correct Order To Apply Your Makeup

With all the new make-up trends that come and go, it is difficult to determine which make-up products are essential and necessary for us, and which are not. Since the average make-up routine, today has many more steps and products than 10 years ago, it’s hard to determine when we should apply what. But according to professional makeup artists, there actually is a correct order to apply your makeup products.

1. Hydration is key

The basis of good make-up is hydration and good skincare! Make-up is always applied to freshly cleansed skin, which is toned and hydrated with serum and day cream. Let the cream absorb for at least 15 minutes before the next step in your make-up. In this way, your skincare products will have a few moments to sink in and penetrate deeply into your skin.

2. Primer

Primer is not only the base of our look but also a barrier between skin and make-up. Its role is to extend the durability of makeup on the face, smooth the skin, and fill pores and fine lines. Primer is not a necessary step for everyday makeup, but it really makes a difference for special occasions. Always apply it with your fingers, patting it into your face, and focus on the area where you are more oily or have more visible pores. 

3. Eyebrows and eyes

The next step is the eyebrows. While you wait for the primer to absorb and settle, draw and fill in your brows. Then move on to the eyes – do a complete eye make-up before the foundation, in order to avoid particles of shadow or glitter falling on the freshly applied base and creating a mess!

4. Liquid foundation

Now it’s time to apply liquid foundation – but only after the eyes and skin are prepared. Apply the foundation all over the face, except for the area around the eyes – this is where you will apply the liquid concealer. Apply it with your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender, depending on the type of foundation or your preferences. 

5. Concealer

When you’ve evened out your complexion, you now need to assess where you need stronger coverage – that’s where the concealer comes in! All spots, pimples, and scars will probably not be covered by foundation alone. You can use a heavier, cream concealer to spot conceal any imperfections, and a lighter liquid concealer to brighten your under eyes.  

6. Face definition (blush, bronzer, highlighter)

The next step is products for defining the face, namely blush, bronzer and highlighter. These will add some dimension to your face, and brighten up your complexion. Make-up artists advise you to apply bronzer first, then blush, and finally highlighter. Apply the bronzer under the cheekbones and on the temples in the shape of the number 3. Then blush on the cheekbones and a subtle layer of highlighter on top as the final step.

7. Lips

When you’ve done the rest of your face, the final step is a touch of color on your lips! To make your lip liner last longer, apply it to dry lips before balm or lipstick. Then apply a thin layer of lip balm and then some lipstick or lipgloss on the center of your lips.

8. Setting powder or fixing spray

The last step that will ensure the durability of your makeup, as well as the certainty that it will not move during the day, is a thin layer of transparent fixing powder that you will dust on your face. If you don’t want a matte effect, but just long-lasting make-up, then opt for a fixing spray. If you want to, you can also use both of these products together.


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