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These Simple Tricks Will Make Your Perfume Last All Day

You probably know at least one person that always smells perfect no matter what he or she is doing. Maybe they just got back from the gym, but they still smell like they just jumped out of the shower. But there are a few simple tricks that people who always smell gorgeous swear by. In this article, we will share with you a few simple, but effective tricks that will make your perfume last all day. 

Apply perfume to your pulse points 

There’s a reason why we apply perfume to pulse points (inside wrists and elbows, behind ears, neck, back of knees). The skin is thinnest there, which means it’s closer to your blood and body heat. As the fragrance heats up, it is more likely to project from your body. 

After applying perfume to your pulse points, you may instinctively rub your wrists or elbows together to absorb the scent. However, experts claim that this could actually affect the way your fragrance develops.

Apply perfume immediately after showering

When you get out of the shower, your skin and body temperature are high, and the heat helps spread the scent. In addition to that, your skin is clean and free of sweat and excess oil, which can reduce odor. Your pores are open, and the skin is naturally hydrated from water – and hydrated skin retains the smell.

Of course, don’t apply perfume while your skin is soaking wet. Pat it dry, slather your body with lotion to lock in all the moisture, and then spritz on a little perfume.

Hydrate your skin

When the skin is dry, it tends to absorb and disperse the perfume more quickly. That’s why you always have to make sure that your skin is as moisturized as possible. You can use body creams, butter, lotion, or even oil. 

Layering with other products

Many perfumes also come in sets with shower gels and body lotions. By layering the products together, you are getting a scent “sandwich” that will make the smell last much longer. If you don’t have a matching shower gel and lotion, you can also look for products with similar notes from different brands.

Spray the perfume on your clothes

When using fragrance, experts advise that you also apply it to your clothes, as it will last longer on the fabric. Namely, sweat and natural oils accumulate on the skin during the day and can suffocate the perfume.

Check the base notes

The base notes of the perfume are the ones that last longer. These can include vanilla, sandalwood, and cedarwood. On the other hand, the floral and citrus top notes fade the fastest. If you have a floral perfume, know that it may not last as long as one with heavier base notes. Gourmand fragrances that include ‘edible’ notes like honey, vanilla, and chocolate are much more likely to last and project.

Choose your perfume carefully

Each perfume develops differently on different skin, so it is important to always test a perfume before buying it. Some sites even offer small decants or samples of popular perfumes, that you can try for a week or a month to check out how the fragrance will react to your body chemistry.


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