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5 Hair Color Ideas That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

Many women, me included, enjoy changing their hair color with the season. While I love to add some highlights and go lighter for spring and summer, most years I will choose something darker for fall and winter. However, why not get a bit more creative this year and try out one of the trending hair colors that celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are wearing? Let’s take a look at the most popular hair colors for fall 2022.

Cool Chestnut

Chestnut hair is all over Pinterest and on the heads of our favorite celebrities. The reddish brown color of chestnut hair is rich and dimensional. You’ll probably hear experts advise that those with warm undertones in their skin look best with chestnut hair because it has warm, reddish undertones. However, the beauty of chestnut hair is how utterly adjustable it is. You can ask your hairstylist to go for a more cool-toned chestnut color if that is your preference.

Deep Brunette


Fall 2022 is all about brunette hair! If you destroyed your mane from bleaching it too excessively, then this is the time for you to give your hair a rest. Deep browns seem to be one of the most popular colors for this season, and the options are pretty much endless. You can go for a red-undertone brown to get that real fall color, or you can also choose a more neutral undertone to keep things more natural. While solid colors are also popular at the moment, if you want to add some dimension, go for natural-looking highlights that are only 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color.

Peanut Butter Brunette

This is possibly the hottest hair color of 2022. The most famous Peanut Butter brunette is Hailey Bieber. She recently dyed her dark blond hair a warm light brown with golden highlights. This color is a great option for people who want to try a warmer color and give their hair some rest from bleaching. This look also involves a lot of face-framing lighter pieces, which suit most face shapes. And it also looks even better when curled.

Bold Copper

copper hair is here to add warmth to your look during the sunny season
Photo By @brittanybrushes/Instagram

Copper hair just instantly makes me think of fall! It suits the whole fall color palette so well. This would be the perfect choice if you have fair skin with green or blue eyes. But copper can look amazing on everyone. However, be warned that going cooper is a full-time commitment. This is a fragile color that washes out more quickly than other shades, so you will have to tone it regularly.

Cherry Cola

If you want something more vibrant and daring for the fall season, then try a ‘Cheery Cola’ red. The Cherry Cola look features mahogany tones that sit between red and violet on a cool-toned dark brown base. You can also create this look with a temporary color hair mask if you don’t want to go all out with permanent dye. Mix up a red and purple color to get that deep, wine-reddish-violet color.


From Classic to Vibrant: These Hair Colors are Trending in 2022

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