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The 5 Coolest Fall Makeup Trends You Have To Try Out

Fall is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to leave the “clean girl makeup” look in the past and focus on smokey and sultry looks. The weather isn’t as humid, and wearing a lot of products on your face isn’t as much of a nightmare as it is in the summer heat. There is also a pretty lengthy list of makeup trends that we will be seeing all over social media this fall. But it’s not the classic burgundy lips and winged liner that was popular for the last couple of years. Instead, this year is all about having fun and expressing yourself through different colors, shapes, and styles! 

Pops of color

Let’s start with a pretty simple makeup look that even makeup beginners could try to recreate. We have been seeing the inner corner pops of color for quite some time now. However, the trend is completely taking over the 2022 fall makeup trends. There is no rule when it comes to what color you should choose. But green, bright blue, yellow, and orange seem to be the most popular options. And they go so well with the fall colors as well. Just imagine drinking a pumpkin-spiced latte with bright orange eyeshadow on your inner corners. If that isn’t the ultimate fall aesthetic, I don’t know what is. 

Vinyl lips

Matte lips are a thing of the past! This year you will only see highly reflective vinyl lips. Vinyl lipglosses have been seen on A-list celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid. The most popular colors for the fall season are, of course, deep red and burgundy shades. You can also combine two different colors to create more of a gradient with a brighter red in the center and a deeper red on the rest of your lips. 

Graphic eyeliner

7 Iconic Eyeliner Styles To Dive Into The Graphic Eyeliner Trend
Photo by @valya_lelyukh/Instagram

Graphic eyeliner is no new makeup trend in any way. However, it pairs so well with the rest of the fall makeup trends for 2022 that we just had to include it. It can be a bit tricky to create, especially for beginners. That’s why we would suggest going for a pencil eyeliner. It will be easier for you to create an edgy and futuristic look. If you do make some mistakes, a little bit of micellar water and a few Q-tips are always there to help. To give it even more of a fall vibe, try using red or green eyeliner. This will add a cute pop of color to your makeup look, and it could even enhance your eye color.

Disco makeup 

Everything you wore to the school dance is once again in style, probably as a result of Euphoria’s stunning eye makeup looks. This time, instead of body glitter, we’re using shimmering eye shadows, frosty colors, and metallic eyeliner. You can also use gems to frame your eyes, eyebrows, or even liner for an extra dash of glamour. Keep everything in one tone so that it doesn’t seem all over the place, and make sure you use natural-looking lipstick or lipgloss. This will be a great way to add a little bit of that “extra something” to your night-out makeup looks.


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