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The Easiest Way To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

All of us already know the importance of wearing sunscreen and reapplying it during the day. However, all of you fellow makeup junkies out there know how hard it is to reapply sunscreen over makeup. You don’t want to mess up the look you created, but you still want to provide SPF protection to your skin. So, what are the easiest way to do that?

We made a list of simple but genius ways in which you can reapply your sunscreen even over a face full of makeup! Your face will still be on fleek, while your precious skin cells will be protected from those evil UVA and UVB rays.

Have a good base

The most important thing is that you have a good SPF base to work with. Apply a sunscreen that is suited to your skin type in a generous amount before applying your makeup. Make sure you cover your neck, ears, and chest too, and not just your face.

When you have a solid layer of sunscreen on your face, it will be much easier to reapply it during the day.

Powder sunscreen

Did you know that mineral powders also work as sunscreen? They provide UV protection and are a great choice for oily skin. To get additional protection without smudging your foundation, you can use (and reapply) these powders following your makeup regimen. You can even use them on your scalp where they won’t only act as sunscreen, but as dry shampoo as well.

Simply lightly brush a powdered sunscreen over your makeup with a makeup brush of your choice. You will be left with a soft matte finish, and your skin will be protected. Make sure that the label clearly says that the powder contains SPF, and that it is at least a SPF of 30.

Spray Sunscreens

Sunscreens in spray form make it simple to apply sunscreen to your face without smudging your makeup. If you plan to spend the entire day at the beach or pool, choose a spray that is water-resistant. Use a makeup setting spray with SPF to complete and secure your look while assisting in keeping your makeup in place and adding sun protection.

This isn’t the safest way to reapply sunscreen, as you can’t really know if you have even coverage. However, if no other method works for you, this type of reapplication will still be better than no reapplication at all.

Reapplying your regular SPF with a sponge

If you don’t want to invest in a second sunscreen product, you can just reapply with the regular SPF cream that you use on your face. But in order to not mess up your makeup, make sure to apply the sunscreen to a beauty sponge. The best choice for this method would be a thin, liquid SPF serum that you can apply in a thin layer.

This is the most cost effective way, but it may not work for all skin types or heavier SPF creams. To avoid smudging your makeup, dab the sunscreen onto your face and push it in rather than blending.


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