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Ways To Smell Great Even In The Summer Heat

If you are a perfume junkie like I am then summer is probably your least favorite season, as well. All of your delicious gourmand fragrances that work so well during the colder months give you (and the people around you) a headache whenever you wear them in the summer heat. Instead, you have to wear those boring citrus fragrances that only last for 2 hours no matter how much you spray. But I have some good news for you! There are ways to smell great even in the summer heat without suffocating the people around you. And they don’t even involve perfume.

Let’s start with the basics: Deodorant

If you are someone who uses natural or aluminum-free deodorant, I would highly suggest considering switching to a regular aluminum deodorant at least during the hottest summer days. The amount of aluminum your skin absorbs during those days will be completely insignificant, but you will feel so much fresher, less sticky, and dryer in your armpit area. Aluminum works as an antiperspirant, and drugstore aluminum deodorants contain only low concentrations of the active substance.

Body wash

Now that we got the deodorant thing out of our way, let’s talk about body wash. If you want to spoil your sense of smell during your summer showers, go for a perfumed body wash. The scent it leaves on your skin will be soft, but your skin will be ready for the next steps in your “smell great during summer” routine.

Body cream

While winter body creams are all about nourishing dry winter skin, you can switch to perfumed body creams during the summer months. You will be surprised at how far these body creams have come, as the scent of some of these lingers for hours after the application. Make sure you apply a generous amount right after your shower, and your skin won’t only be soft, but it will smell great too!

Body mist

Now, while perfumes are a bit too heavy for heat waves, body mists are ideal for these occasions! They won’t suffocate you, but everyone will still notice that you smell amazing the moment they hug you. The ultimate pro tip would be to buy a body wash, cream, and mist from the same range. That way you will have many different layers of the same scent on your body, and the smell won’t only last much longer, but it will also be a lot more noticeable without being too much.

Pro tip: Hair mist

If the tips above left you wanting more, but you still don’t want to wear actual fragrances, then try adding a hair mist into your routine. Most bigger hair care brands have a hair fragrance mist that matches the smell of their other products. Just spray it on your wet or dry hair, and style it as usual. That way your body won’t only smell great, but your hair will smell amazing as well.


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