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The Top Summer Fashion Trends to Keep Us Cool in the Blazing Heat

Hot Girl Summer is finally back, y’all. And what better way is there to celebrate it than with a few new clothing pieces. But in case you spent your Smart Girl Fall, Sad Girl Winter, and Busy Girl Spring working and aren’t up to date with the latest fashion trends, we are here to help you. We made a list of the hottest summer trends of 2022 that you have to at least try. These are not only cool in a metaphorical sense, but they will keep you cool in a literal sense, as well! So let’s see what your options are, shall we?


Yes, cut-outs have been around for a couple of years now. However, it seems as if they have never been as popular as they are this year! They are especially commonly seen on dresses now-a-days. If you want to go for something classy, but like to try out new trends too, then a tight maxi dress with some cut-outs around the waist might be your ideal choice.

All white everything

All white for summer. Groundbreaking, right? However, if there is one color that will keep you cool in that summer heat, it is going to be white. But besides being so practical, a white suit will also make you the Fashion Queen of Summer 2022. Oversized white blazers, with wide white pants combined with cute tops, are a huge trend right now. A white suit can also be a great wedding outfit if you are tying the knot but don’t want to wear a traditional wedding gown.

Low waist

Some want to see this trend die, while others can’t wait to bring out their apple-bottom jeans. Either way, it seems as if this trend is here to stay. At least for a year or two. While I’m definitely still going to stick with my high-waisted mom jeans for those colder months, low-waisted skirts and pants don’t seem like the worst idea for the summer. Combine them with a cute top, some kitten heels, a mini bag, and even Bella Hadid (aka the Queen of the low waist) will feel jealous of your nostalgic 2000s outfit.

Strapped accents

Another nostalgic trend that has come back in the last few years! Straps can be seen everywhere, but they are especially popular on those ‘bikini-inspired’ summer tops. Combined with a cute pair of jeans or a denim skirt, you will look like a total babe! But if you don’t want to go for a top, you can even find trousers with straps that criss-cross around your belly. Now, this in addition to a cropped top will make you the best dressed on any summer night out!

Super sheer

This trend isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to be brave, but if you are, chances are that you will look like a total style icon. This trend would be your best choice for those summer night outs or your beach days. Make sure you wear a pretty set of underwear or a bikini underneath it, and you won’t go unnoticed. And the possibilities are endless! You can either wear a sheer dress, or if you don’t feel comfortable showing so much, go for a sheer top or pants. You can also layer sheer items on top of blouses or cycling shorts. But just remember that these clothing items don’t provide much UV protection.


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