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What Makes for Sustainable Fashion? A Full Explanation of Sustainability

You’ve probably heard a lot about sustainable fashion, but if it still confuses you, you’re not alone. Fashion sustainability, with respect to its purpose, is basically considering fashion as an entity that’s focused on the betterment of the environment and the people who produce it. This means producing goods for the fashion industry in an eco-friendly manner that has minimal impact on the environment and is thoughtful towards social norms.

All this may sound like something that only applies to huge brands, but sustainable fashion applies to every single piece of clothing that we wear. 

We’re all part of the global fashion industry, and with that, we all inhabit a responsibility towards creating an environment where everything we wear is sustainable. Here’s a look at a few important principles of sustainable fashion which are also primarily its benefits.

What makes for Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainability is the adaptation of a working ethic where nobody is mistreated, no animals or natural habitats are endangered, no natural resources are wasted or intoxicated, and no expenditure of useless resources is experienced. Sustainability in fashion is of acute importance as about 100 billion items of clothing are produced every year. The amount of water and natural resources and the slaughter of animals that can be saved through sustainability is unimaginable. 

What more makes for sustainable fashion? A few advantages are discussed below:

Wage Issues Resolved

The consumers don’t know the problems the labor face in terms of payment. Often the garments produced in large numbers are a result of the extra hours of the workers. But there’s never a guarantee of fair payment.

With sustainable industrialization, fair wages are ensured. The products made in such an environment are better in quality.

Sustainability Saves H2O

Statistics show that the textile industries are the biggest consumers of water in the production of goods. For the making, dyeing and finishing processes of fabric and garments, water is essential. With that, it should also be kept in mind that these factories pollute the natural supply of water by releasing harmful toxins into it. 

In contrast, sustainable fashion brands follow the policy of “limit water consumption” that promotes zero water consumption in the making of the goods and alternates it with other solvents.

These brands also restrict the disposal of toxins in water and follow proper processes to get rid of the toxins. This way, a fairly large amount of water is saved for consumption purposes and the natural sources of water and the wildlife is prevented from being polluted. 

Sustainability Saves Animals 

You may be living in this misconception that things like leather, for example, which is useful in the fashion industry are a by-product of the meat industry, which is not true. About 430 million animals are killed each year for the sole purpose of leather demands. Sustainable fashion brands encourage the use of alternatives to eradicate the cruel slaughter of animals. One of the alternatives includes pineapples. A leathery textured fabric is made after harvesting the leaves of pineapples and other fruits. 

Sustainable fashion is how the world sees the clothing industry now. You need to be thoughtful about the environment before making any purchase and this is what can bring a long term change. Sustainable fashion can be beneficial for a number of reasons but the biggest? It saves water for your tomorrow. Make the right choices and start being thoughtful today for a  secure tomorrow.


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