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Why is the Natural / Barely-There Makeup Trend So Popular?

Finally, a trend that is popular for all the right reasons!

The beauty community has surely shifted its narrative of an “everyday makeup look” from almost-glam to natural, barely-there makeup. And, this trend looks like it’s here to stay! 

What makes it so popular is its achievability. Let me elaborate:

No-Fuss Look

No caking up your face with foundation and powders, no elaborate sculpting and contouring, no 30-min eye looks. On the contrary, you can achieve the whole natural makeup complexion in under 15 – 30 minutes. 

You can wear this look without second thoughts on any occasion, dress, or setting. It is neutral and basic, hence it looks good every time – may it be at school, at the office, or at a social gathering. 

Easy to Maintain

When you’re doing the same natural makeup every day, you get to know exactly what products you like to put on your face and how. You develop your own techniques that will make you look presentable in the least time and effort. All these perks of barely-there makeup take away the dread to dress up, in fact, encourage you to put an effort because of how easy and ritualistic it is. 

Uplifting But Not Overwhelming

On days when you’re not sure what the dress code is, natural makeup paired with a semi-formal dress will do just the job. This look effortlessly uplifts your persona without feeling overwhelming or out of place. You’ll feel confident that you look good, even when you have no clue what everyone else around you would be dressed like. 

Lightweight & Comfortable

If you’re a designated wearer of makeup, you’ll know how glamorous makeup can look heavy and suffocating. 

Natural makeup feels quite the opposite. 

The whole idea of this look is to use products that are lightweight and skin-friendly. Hence, your skin will look and feel as comfortable as it does without any makeup on.

Enhance, Not Hide

Perhaps the main reason for the popularity of natural, barely-there makeup trends is that it encourages the acceptance of imperfect skin. 

As mentioned above – this trend suggests the usage of lightweight or light-coverage products, which enhance the look of your skin without completely hiding it. You can control the amount of product and coverage that goes onto your face. Whatever you apply, is based on your preference and not the need to do so. 

The wide acceptance and implementation of the Natural Makeup trend allow women to let their flaws peek through without feeling insecure about them. On the contrary, it promotes acceptance of your face with all the imperfections, while providing freedom to feel confident with makeup without the need to cover every inch of flaw. 


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